Geopolitics expert: “Raid Russia? Noise preceding defeat”

For David Rossi, “Moscow’s ‘revenge’ for the attack on the Kerch bridge will have a strategically zero and very short-lived effect”

“The great Chinese strategist Sun Tsu said that tactic without strategy is the noise that precedes defeat. And today the noise in question is the din of the Russian hypersonic missiles that have passed through (and perhaps will continue to do so for a couple of days). skies of Ukraine, as ‘revenge’ for making the bridge over the Kerch Strait inaugurated by Putin himself in 2018 unusable for military vehicles in Moscow “. Geopolitics expert David Rossi tells Adnkronos, explaining how “one, two or even three days of missile blasts have a strategically zero and tactically short-lived effect: in fact, neither do the methods of achieving objectives change ( subjugate Ukraine and definitively annex a part of it) or modify the balance of power, given that the Ukrainian anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses remain unaltered and tremendously effective: more than half of the missiles themselves used would have been shot down “.

“Russia is losing this war precisely for never having acquired an effective air superiority – argues Rossi – It is funny that some Western commentators have spoken for months of the ‘air domination’ of the Russians. It will not be one or two hundred missiles, often so imprecise that they hit roadways and children’s parks instead of nearby buildings, and more often than not turned, in a criminal way, against purely civilian targets, to change the course that this war has taken. Nor does Russia have a an almost infinite quantity of these weapons, as certain pro-Russian ‘experts’ have led us to believe. Soon Moscow could knock on North Korea’s doors to sell some of the missiles that the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ has tested in recent months. , hungry for armaments, they were a real teaser … “.

“At the origin of Putin’s ‘fatal wrath’ – continues Rossi – lies the Ukrainian blow against the Kerch bridge: apart from the symbolic value of the goal and the date, following the birthday of the Russian president, what really matters is that now the logistics of the Russian forces in the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia are in serious crisis, as the only railway link left to supply the Moscow troops with fuel and equipment passes right along the front line. Ukrainian had an effect not only on the ground troops, but also on the navy. Since April, when the cruiser Moskva, the flagship in the Black Sea, was sunk, the Russian fleet had got into the habit of “hiding” behind the Crimean peninsula to avoid possible attacks from the side of Odessa and Mykolaiv. It may be a coincidence, but since 8 October it has taken off and is staying in the north-western Black Sea, less within range of the forces of Kiev “.

“Who knows – he concludes – that the blasting of missiles will not have the effect of convincing Washington to supply medium-long range missiles to Kiev: it would be a real effect not wanted by the Kremlin”.