George O’Malley’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy has embittered fans: what the actor is like today, 12 years later

In Grey’s Anatomy he played George O’Malley: as the actor is today, more than 10 years after his departure from the scene.

One of the most popular television series is Grey’s Anatomy. US series broadcast since 2005. It is a medical drama centered on the life of Dr. Meredith Gray, in the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle. Meredith is a young woman who, after graduating from medical school, joins the group of surgical trainees at Seattle Grace Hospital.

It was George O’Malley in Grey’s Anatomy: how is the actor today (source youtube)

George O’Malley is also part of this group, very awkward and shy character. He fails the medicine test the first time, but eventually manages to pass the test. He begins a relationship with Callie, so much so that they end up getting married in Las Vegas. Relationship that does not last long, because George is cheating on his wife with Izzie. In the fifth season, unfortunately, this character leaves the scene.

He decides to join the army, but the day he resigns, he is hit by a bus outside the hospital to save a girl. His condition is very bad, so much so that when he is taken to the emergency room he is not recognized by friends and colleagues. Eventually, he dies and so, he leaves the scene. More than 10 years have passed since then, even though, we saw it in the seventeenth season, meeting Meredith, in her dream, when the doctor is in intensive care. Now, we wonder, how will the actor have changed?

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It was George O’Malley in Grey’s Anatomy: what the actor is like today, after 12 years

In Grey’s Anatomy, surely one of the characters we loved so much was that of George O’Malley. In the fifth season, he decides to join the army, convinced by Owen Hunt, a new doctor, who has arrived from Iraq.

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On discharge day, just outside the hospital, he is run over to save a girl. Taken to the emergency room, his condition appears serious, to the point that he is not recognized by friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, George dies and his character leaves the scene. It’s been about 12 years since then, although we got to see him in the seventeenth season, when he appears in Meredith’s dream, who is in intensive care. After so many years, what is the actor like today? Has changed?

TR Knight
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Here is a photo of TR Knight, at the registry office Theodore Raymond Knight, do you find it different? It would not seem. Certainly, in Grey’s Anatomy he was much younger, he was about 32 years old and he left the scene 4 years later. With the character of George, the American actor won us over, but in his career, he acted in the cinema and continued on television.