Georgina and Cristiano Ronaldo, do you know how they met? The background on their first meeting

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo, do you know how they met? The incredible background on their first meeting

They are one of the most followed and loved couples in the whole world. Their life is now constantly exposed, we know a lot about this glittering couple, but do you also know how they met? A truly incredible background!

Do you know how Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina met? First meeting revealed! (Source Instagram)

At this point Cristiano Ronaldo And Georgina Rodriguez have been a steady couple since 2017, and besides Ronaldo’s other children, they have become parents of Alana Martina. Currently the beautiful woman is also expecting twins, a boy and a girl. She had announced it with a sweet video that showed both pink and blue confetti. The family is growing more and more and the couple appears very in love and united. As you well know, the life of Georgina Rodriguez has completely changed thanks to the relationship with the very famous Cristiano Ronaldo. Do you know how they met and when was their first meeting?

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Do you know how Georgina and Cristiano Ronaldo met?

This background was revealed by Georgina herself in the branded program Netflix dedicated to her, called Soy Georgina. In the program, the young woman retraces her life, revealing the encounter that changed her life. “The day I met Cristiano was a Thursday in the summer. I would have finished my shift at Gucci at 5 in the afternoon, and when I finished my shift and left the shop, I saw a beautiful man, almost two meters tall, appear with a child who greets me, it was Cristiano Junior “.

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Cristiano and Georgina as they met
Source Instagram

“I started feeling butterflies in my stomach and I thought ‘what’s wrong with me?’” Of course, he is also present in the series Cristiano Ronaldo, who gives his version of the story stating that: “When I saw it it was like a click, and there it stayed in my head”. Georgina then reveals that she has always served him ever since and that “One day she wrote me that she was going to be at an event, asking me if I was there. Obviously I answered yes “. Ronaldo then says that “Little by little we started talking more and more and things became natural”. The rest of this fabulous couple is history, now the two from a chance meeting will soon become parents together for the second time!

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What an incredible background! And did you know about this first and lucky meeting?