Georgina Rodriguez, how much she receives each month from Cristiano Ronaldo in her checking account

How much Georgina Rodriguez receives from Cristiano Ronaldo each month in her current account: here is the figure.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo they are one of the most loved couples in the world of entertainment. Suffice it to say that on social networks they exceed 232 million followers together and only 203 belong to the player’s channel.

Georgina Rodriguez, how much she receives each month from Cristiano Ronaldo on her current account (Credits: instagram)

In October they announced that they will become the parents of twins again. The family apparently expands, the couple already has 4 children, Alana Martina, eldest daughter, Cristiano JR. and the twins Eva and Matteo, the footballer’s adopted children, all three born to a surrogate mother. The model initially kept the pregnancy a secret to reveal it only when she was more confident. We know that Georgina works with social media, she is a very followed influencer and according to the Spanish site, with this activity she would earn about 8 thousand euros a month. In addition to her commitment to social media, Ronaldo’s partner is also dedicated to family and children. For this reason, again according to what is reported by the Spanish site cited above, la model would receive a ‘salary’ from the player on her current account: let’s see how much it amounts to.

Georgina Rodriguez, what she receives from Cristiano Ronaldo on her current account: the figure

Georgina Rodriguez is very much loved. Her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo obviously served as a stepping stone into the world of entertainment, given that, as she herself said, she previously worked as a saleswoman in a Gucci store. But she managed to blossom on her own and be appreciated for her person.

She is a model and works as an influencer, in fact on social networks she is followed by millions of followers. According to the Spanish website, thanks to this activity, or sponsorships of products, cosmetics, accessories, Rodriguez would earn around 8,000 euros. But to increase this figure there would be the sum that Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the Spanish site, charges her on the current account.

georgina, what he receives from ronaldo
Credits: instagram

Sum that would be used for the expenses and the care of the children, since the model takes care of the family and the children. But how much would the figure amount to? has made it known that Georgina would receive about 100,000 from Ronaldo in addition to the 8,000 he earns as an influncer.