Georgina Rodriguez, the decision excites the web: do you know what she did?

Surprise decision by Georgina Rodriguez: this is what she showed on social media and what the moving meaning of the gesture would be.

Everyone’s decision has blown away Georgina Rodriguez: in these hours, the companion of Cristiano Ronaldo she let herself be immortalized doing something never done before. Beautiful and famous, the Spanish model often manages to get talked about for her very expensive outfits and always in the name of glamor.

Georgina Rodriguez displaces everyone (Credits: Instagram)

This time, however, what arouses amazement among web users is a detail that has nothing to do with designer shoes, bags and accessories. The unprecedented decision has struck a lot: in fact, Georgina, unlike other well-known faces, he had never done tattoos before and for the first time he wanted to make one.

Now that Cristiano is busy with the new football season, she is continuing her holidays in Sardinia with family and friends. Perhaps the relaxation and more free time available to her prompted her to finally take action and so she went to the studio of Berni, a well-known Spanish tattoo artist. While he appears intent on imprinting a drawing on her skin, she has documented the moment on social media and many have noticed a very sweet detail.

Georgina Rodriguez and the probable meaning of the tattoo: all speechless

The gorgeous 28-year-old originally from Jaca, Aragon, is certainly among the fashion icons of the moment. Having become known all over the world thanks to her story with Ronaldo, her career is also proceeding at full speed, so much so that two years ago Amadeus wanted her by her side to lead the third evening of the Sanremo Festival.

From such an established face in fashion, many would have expected an equally super glamorous tattoo and, instead, it seems that the design she has chosen points in a completely different direction. Although she has not yet shown the tatoo completed, it is possible to get an idea of ​​the final result through the tablet of the tattoo artist that can be glimpsed in the Ig story shared by Georgina.

The image is that of two flying angels and it is very likely that these represent little Esmeralda, born on April 18th, and her twin who, unfortunately, died during childbirth. The loss of the baby was a great pain for the couple and now on her social networks Georgina always uses the little angel emoticon to refer to her baby who flew to heaven.

The design could therefore mean that the two siblings will still fly together forever. Recall that Rodriguez and Ronaldo also have another daughter, Alana Martinaborn in 2017. Before meeting his current partner, the Portuguese footballer already had three children: Cristiano Jr, and Eva and Mateo born to a surrogate mother.

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez, sensational news (Credits: Instagram)

While waiting to see the complete tattoo, doesn’t it seem that Georgina’s was a really enchanting idea?