Georgina Rodríguez’s peculiar parenting technique with her children with Cristiano Ronaldo

The model and influencer Georgina Rodriguez 29-year-old is one of the most followed women in the world on social media because she is a fashion and beauty icon. the couple of Cristiano Ronaldo He accumulates only on Instagram 47 million followers from all latitudes who are aware of his movements.

Last night Georgina Rodriguez She was a guest on one of the most watched programs on Spanish television called ‘El Hormiguero’. There the brunette spoke about her professional life and also her personal life since she is in charge of raising the 5 children that she has in common with Cristiano.

Georgina Rodriguez She is the mother of Alana and Bella Esmeralda, and a few months ago she lost Bella’s twin during birth, a situation that is being very difficult for her to overcome. But when she met Christian He was already the father of twins Eva and Mateo who were born through a surrogate and of Cristiano Junior, the product of another relationship that little is known about.

The family of Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo. Source: instagram @cristiano

During the conversation with the driver Pablo Motos, Georgina Rodriguez He stressed that they raise their children without knowing or presuming the luxuries that they can access due to the good life of their parents. “Christian and I come from very humble families and we value every opportunity, because we know the value it has. We instill in our children that you have to take care of things and be grateful, because people are not obliged to treat you well because you are the son of “.

That’s when the driver asked what he does when they don’t want to eat and Georgina Rodriguez He expressed: “I tell them: ‘The food is not left, if it is not for a snack.’ Sometimes I put videos of children who do not have food and I tell them ‘look, this is what can happen to them'”. These sayings of the model generated controversy on social networks since several Internet users do not agree with the methodology used.