Gérard Depardieu, one of the sexual assault complaints dismissed due to the statute of limitations

One of the charges of violence against Gérard Depardieu is dropped. The Paris prosecutor’s office has in fact dismissed one of the complaints of sexual assault against the actor due to the statute of limitations. This is the one worn by the actress Héléne Darras. The announcement was made on Monday 22 October by the Parisian Court. The facts date back to 2007 and Darras had denounced Depardieu on 10 September 2023, also giving her testimony to Médiapart as well as a dozen other women.

Charged with rape

Depardieu is however charged with rape and sexual assault in the trial arising from Charlotte Arnould’s complaint, dating back to 2018. The actress accuses her colleague of raping her twice. Arnould’s lawyer, Carine Durrieu Diebolt, wrote to the Paris prosecutor asking him to carefully examine the television report Complément d’enquete, in which the images were shown and the shocking phrases that Depardieu addressed to an interpreter during a trip to North Korea were played. In that video the actor also makes a sexual comment about a ten-year-old girl.


In December, the actress Emmanuelle Debever, one of Depardieu’s first accusers, whose complaint was dismissed in 2019, committed suicide by throwing herself from a bridge over the Seine. A drama that caused a sensation and prompted several personalities from the world of cinema to emerge from the silence: on the one hand those who accused their colleague, denouncing his behavior already known to everyone, and on the other those who instead took his defense. Another 13 women accused him of sexual assault in April 2023, in the columns of Mediapartfor facts committed on the sets of films released between 2004 and 2022. In Spain, the Spanish journalist and writer Ruth Baza filed a complaint against Depardieu for facts dating back to 1995, which occurred in Paris.