Gerard Piqué employees TORMENT Clara Chía Martí by playing Shakira’s song with BZRP in the office

The new one song of Shakira Y bizarreSession number 53, has caused controversy among the employees of Kosmosthe ex-footballer’s company Gerard Piqué.

According to the journalist Jordi Martín, some company workers have been constantly playing this song in the office to “torment” Clara ChiaPiqué’s current partner.

In addition, it has been reported that some Kosmos employees do not have a good relationship with chiabecause they had a special affection for Shakira.

In the midst of all the controversies, Chía has stated that she does not want to continue attending the office and prefers to work from home due to the bad comments she has received.

Despite this, he has had the support of several of Piqué’s teammates in the Kings League. “She is a very good girl who has never gotten into anything, has never said anything or has spoken”said Víctor Navarro, a member of Piqué’s new project.

Although Chía has great support, the new song by Shakira and Bizarrap is still being used by some people to take a stand against Piqué’s partner.

The song has also broken records on Spotify, but this has not been enough to avoid the controversy surrounding it.