Gerard Piqué’s mother knew he was cheating on Shakira with Clara Chia Martí

According to reports, the mother of Gerard Piqué, Montserrat Bernabeuknew about his son’s affair with Clara Chia Marti when i was still with Shakira.

A Spanish media revealed that the former Barcelona player and the 23-year-old public relations student lived in the house of one of his parents and Montserrat hid it from the Waka Waka singer.

Journalist Laura Fa stated: “Everything is because when the relationship between Piqué and Clara Chía began, they took refuge in a house that Piqué’s parents have in Cabrils (Spain).”

“While Shakira cried on her mother-in-law’s shoulder, she was complicit in hiding this new relationship”he added according to Essentially Sports.

This comes after it was revealed that Shakira has built a wall between herself and the house of Gerard’s parents, who live right next door to his house in Spain, following their split from the sports star.

Several reports even claimed that the Colombian singer placed a witch mannequin on her balcony after her breakup with Gerard by allegedly mocking Montserrat.

Shakira’s relationship with Gerard’s parents was said to have soured after seeing them spending time with Clara right after her breakup with him.

It has also been alleged that the singer asked her children, Sasha and Milan, to stop calling Montserrat “grandma” and even built a wall in her house so as not to see them.