Germany abandons nuclear power: three of the last six plants closed

With the start of 2022, Germany closed three of its last six nuclear power plants in service, marking a new step in the abandonment of this energy source. The last three will cease operations in one year, completing the process of exiting nuclear energy.

The plants closed

The plants in Brokdorf (Schleswig-Holstein), Grohnde (Lower Saxony) and Gundremmingen (Bavaria) closed. In operation for 36 years, the Grondhe plant produced nearly 410 billion kilowatts / hour, more than any other in the world. The last three plants in operation are located in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Lower Saxony.

Decisions made by Angela Merkel

The gradual exit from nuclear power was decided by then Chancellor Angela Merkel after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. The closure of nuclear power plants will be followed by their dismantling, a much longer process. For example, for the Brokdorf power plant, the procedure will be completed in 2040. In Germany, only two plants for the production of nuclear fuel for export will remain in operation.