Germany, farmers protest against the Scholz government

New protests by German farmers against the policy of Olaf Scholz’s government and cuts in subsidies for the agricultural sector. Disruptions in several cities. As Tagesschau reports, farmers blocked highway entrances in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania this morning, supported by transport companies protesting against increased tolls for trucks.

Chaos in the country

In the Cloppenburg district in northwestern Lower Saxony, a main road was blocked by 40 vehicles. In Saxony, according to the police, some motorway junctions in the Dresden area were blocked. There were gatherings on the A4, A13, A14 and A17 motorways. In Berlin the situation is under control, even if tractors have begun to gather in front of the Brandenburg Gate where a demonstration is planned for the day. In Erfurt, 900 tractors are expected to participate in a protest in Thuringia. In northern Germany, the city of Hamburg warned in advance of traffic disruptions as farmers from neighboring Schleswig-Holstein plan to travel to a demonstration in the city from different directions. Farmers from Lower Saxony want to go to a demonstration in Bremen.

The protest

The Farmers’ Association has called for a week of protests to demonstrate against the cancellation of subsidies for the sector. The main issue concerns tax breaks for agricultural diesel. The partial cancellation of the federal government’s savings plans has not stopped workers’ anger. The purpose of the disruptions planned by the farmers’ association is to ensure that Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government completely reverses the planned cuts.