Germany, railways paralyzed: “It was sabotage”

Federal police: the cables of the lines have been severed

Railways paralyzed for hours today in northern Germany due to a sabotage. The cables of the lines have been severed, the federal police said, stressing that they have identified two crime scenes, one in the Berlin district of Hohenschoenhausen and the other in the land of North Rhine Westphalia.

The investigators are hard at work and “at the moment, it can be assumed that there has been one external interference aimed at the Deutsche Bahn cables“said a police spokesman, referring to the German railways.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing previously spoke of a suspected sabotage in two places, which blocked rail traffic in Berlin and parts of northern Germany for a few hours this morning. The damage was later repaired.

Cables essential to railway operations have been deliberately and deliberately cut“, the minister said. The railway company also said that the reason for the malfunction was the cutting of the cables.