Gerry Scotti, bad news for the conductor: who knows how he will have reacted

Gerry Scotti, for the beloved conductor, good news does not come: as avWill he react to all this?

Bad news for the beloved TV presenter and judge. We are in the middle of the summer season and there are many television programs that are currently ‘on vacation’.

Gerry Scotti bad news (Credits: Youtube)

We are anxious as we wait to know the news that will affect the Rai and Mediaset television schedules starting from September, we learn a news which displeases, and not a little, the beloved Gerry Scotti. As we know, there are so many programs that will be back on the air starting from the end of the summer to accompany us in our days. Starting in the afternoon to then talk about the upcoming evening programs to go on the air. Let’s think, for example, of Tale and Which Show, or the highly anticipated edition of Big Brother Vip 7. In short, there are some really juicy news on the program that we can’t wait to discover. However, the arrival of September is still a bit missing and now we learn a ‘bitter news for the beloved conductor Gerry Scotti. What happened?

Gerry Scotti, bad news for the beloved host

Now that we are in the summer period and we are waiting to enjoy the show that the television schedules have in store for us starting from next September, the television programs of the summer season see reruns of some of the programs that have been successful in precedence.

In this case, however, a bitter e bad news it concerns the tenant Gerry Scotti. In the summer programming, every Saturday broadcast on Canale 5, reruns of Lo Show dei Record conducted by Gerry Scotti are broadcasting. At this stage, however, the news is not good for the host because apparently the program is suffering from a drop in share.

gerry scotti news
Gerry Scotti, bad news (Credits: Instagram)

In fact, Saturday 23 July, while on Canale 5 it was aired The Show of RecordsRai also thought about entertaining the viewers with the airing of the reruns of the talent hosted by Antonella Clerici, The Voice Senior. However, the television sender Rai has ‘blown’ the audience at the Show of Records, winning that evening a share of about 17.7% and it recorded over 1.9 million viewers glued to the TV to enjoy the show, thus winning on the program conducted by Gerry Scotti which instead recorded a share of about 11.3% and an audience of about 1.1 million viewers. Although, the program was still very popular to hold the scepter of the most followed show of the evening, however, it was the program that saw the splendid Antonella Clerici conducting. How did beloved Uncle Gerry take it?

Surely there will be no need to worry, the new editions of the beloved shows are not so far away and we are sure that the juicy news they have to give us will keep us glued to the TV!