Gerry Scotti, the things you surely don’t know about him: would you ever say that?

We all know the legendary conductor Gerry Scotti, but there are some curiosities that you surely don’t know about him: would you ever have said that?

Gerry Scotti is the face of Italian television par excellence. Host of famous programs such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Word of Mouth, Corrida, Paperissima, Free Fall, Italia’s Got Talent. Famous for his spontaneity and cheerfulness, he distinguished himself from an early age as an excellent worker.

We all know Gerry Scotti, but there are some curiosities about him that you certainly do not know (Source Instagram)

Gerry Scotti, real name Virginio Scotti born in 1956 in a town in the province of Pavia. He graduated from the Liceo Classico and subsequently enrolled in the faculty of Law which, however, does not complete. He immediately dedicated himself to his passion for the entertainment world, starting as a disc-jockey in Radio Milano International. It later debuted on the small screen on Italy 1, with DeeJay Television, the first video clip program. From that moment on, his career never stops and becomes the myth that we all know and appreciate today. He has conducted more than 8000 episodes on the networks Mediaset. A truly incredible career for Gerry Scotti. But there are many curiosities about his life that you will surely not know, do you want to know which ones?

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Gerry Scotti: the curiosities about him that you surely do not know

Gerry Scotti hides in his life many curiosities unknown to the general public, such as his stage name. In fact, the nickname Gerry was given to him by his middle school friends to tease him. Since that day the nickname has remained and has brought him a lot of luck. Another curiosity about the man on television is that he was elected as an MP at the House of Representatives in the lists of Italian Socialist Party, of which he is still a supporter. Have you ever noticed that Gerry Scotti has never worked on the networks of Rai? That’s right, the famous presenter, since he started his career in 1981 on Italy 1, has always remained faithful to Mediaset.

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Gerry Scotti curiosity
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Gerry Scotti has also participated as an actor in several films and TV series, including Mom and I, Finally alone And My friend Santa Claus, paired with Lino Banfi. As for his private life, Gerry is extremely reserved. We know he was married from 1991 until 2009 with Patrizia Grosso, with whom he had his only son, Edward. Currently the conductor has a partner, her name is Gabriella Perino and is an architect.

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A full and incredible life for our national Gerry, we know a lot about him, but would you ever have said about these details of his life?