Gerry Scotti, what do you do besides TV? Not everyone knows about his company

Do you know of Gerry Scotti’s company? In addition to TV, he also has this great passion handed down to him by his grandfather, how nice!

Gerry Scotti is one of the most known and loved faces by Italians. He has a truly extraordinary career behind him, but do you know what he does in life besides working on TV? His company is truly fantastic!

Gerry Scotti, what do you do besides TV? Not everyone knows about his company (Source Instagram)

A truly resourceful man, our ‘national Gerry’, who made his way all by himself reaching really important goals. Scotti, however, remains a humble man with deep and genuine values, the very ones he wants to pursue in his company. For the uninitiated, in fact, Gerry Scotti in addition to his prolific television career also has a very special company. It has always been a secret dream of his, which he has now managed to achieve. As he himself admits, the inspiration for this project came thanks to the memory of his grandfather and his surroundings, ‘the scents, flavors, colors’.

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Do you know what Gerry Scotti’s company does?

Thanks to the grandfather, who had a vineyard, Gerry Scotti he then made his desire to feel close to the earth and nature. Precisely for this reason he decided to create a winery, where his aim is precisely to create a wine that represents him, genuine and sincere. The wine line of Gerry Scotti is called Born in a vineyard, and includes three main wines, a white, a red and a rosé.

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Gerry Scotti company
Source Instagram

The project and the products were presented for the first time in 2017, on the occasion of the event Vinitaly. Are you wondering if these wines are accessible to everyone? The answer is yes, since the prices do not deviate from the quality product line, and then obviously the cost varies according to the choice of the bottle. Scotti wines also have very particular names, in fact the white is called Mesdì, the Red Regiû and the rosé Pumgranin. The first two have a price that is around 9 euros, while for Buttafuoco DOC ’56, the price rises to 29 euros. It would seem that these products are also very popular with show business personalities and Gerry’s colleagues. The conductor very often in his Instagram profile posts the shots of well-known faces while enjoying one of his wines.

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And did you know about the winery of Gerry Scotti? His wines should be truly fabulous!