Gerry Scotti, what he did even before the radio: incredible, his first real job

We all know his talent and his prowess on TV, but Gerry Scotti wasn’t always a presenter: do you know what he did before?

In almost forty years of career, Gerry Scotti has proved to be one of the most loved television faces by the public: after his beginnings on the radio in the 80s thanks to Claudio Cecchetto who wanted him on Radio Deejay, since he landed on the small screen he has rightfully earned a place in Olympus of the best presenters.

Gerry Scotti, do you know what he did even before the radio? Incredible, his first real job (Mediaset Infinity)

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He conducted many shows over the course of three decades: initially more oriented towards musical programs, he then opened up to quizzes, variety and talent, even going so far as to act in sitcoms or films.

Yet, hardly anyone knows what he really did when he entered the world of work for the first time. This is a parenthesis that dates back to well before the radio. He unveiled it in a recent interview with Verissimo’s microphones.

Gerry Scotti, what he did before his success: it happened even before working on the radio

Although he seemed born to be in front of the camera and keep company with his affectionate audience, no one imagines that before his success dear Gerry worked as a ‘young copyrighter’ in an agency: his job was to write texts for advertising campaigns.

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As he himself told Silvia Toffanin, just at that time the head of the agency was about to send him to the United States where he would attend a course in television directing. However, Cecchetto’s phone call changed the course of his life.

Before that, he had attended the Faculty of Law which he then abandoned a few exams after graduation to devote himself to the world of entertainment, much to the initial disappointment of his parents who wanted him to be a lawyer.

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Gerry Scotti what he did before
Photo source: Instagram

And would you have ever imagined Gerry doing another job away from TV? We do not!