Gerry Scotti, who his son is and what he does in his life: would you ever have said that?

Among the most popular characters on the small screen, Gerry Scotti is also a father and grandfather: guess what his son does in life!

For at least three decades his face has been one of the most familiar to the Italian television audience: reassuring and at the same time ironic and witty, Gerry Scotti is among the most successful conductors. But perhaps you don’t know who he is his son. Yes, because despite not having embarked on the same career as his father, the only heir of the well-known presenter is not entirely foreign to the world of entertainment.

Gerry Scotti, do you know who his son is? (Credits: Instagram)

Born on March 10, 1992, Edoardo Scotti he is the son of Gerry and his ex-wife Patrizia Grosso. A separation that was really difficult for the Mediaset presenter to overcome and that occurred when Edoardo was only 10 years old. “When I separated and then divorced I was ashamed of having finished my family history”, confessed the conductor in an interview with The print. Despite the breakup of his marriage, Gerry continued to be a great father to son, and the two have a wonderful relationship.

In love with his wife, the Mediaset journalist Geneva Piolaat only 30 years old Edoardo is already a father: the couple has in fact given birth to little Virginia, so named to pay homage to the grandfather whose name in the registry is, in fact, Virginio. Ready to find out what the heir of the beloved face of the Biscione is dedicated to in life?

Gerry Scotti, who his son is and what he does: many would not have imagined it

As mentioned earlier, Gerry’s son did not choose to follow in his father’s footsteps regarding the profession. Or rather, he did not choose to be in front of the cameras but behind the scenes. In fact, his profession is that of movie director and he happened to work for his dad too. So much so that behind the success of The Show of Records there is also his commitment. Among other things, in this broadcast he exceptionally appeared also on video, as a correspondent.

To achieve his dream, he had to study hard: after graduating from the American School in Milan, he graduated from the Cattolica and then moved for a period to Los Angeles just deepen and refine his skills. In the past she was part of the troupe of Hells Kitchen and currently continues to work for various Rai, Mediaset and Sky programs.

In 2019 he was the victim of a bad accident that caused him to fracture his femur: a terrible moment for his parents that fortunately the boy has overcome brilliantly. Following Edoardo Scotti’s Instagram profile, it is possible to see how physically he resembles his father: they practically have the same smile!

Gerry Scotti what his son does
Gerry Scotti, have you ever seen his son? (Credits: Instagram)

Would you have ever imagined what work Scotti’s son did?