Gf Vip 6, a shocking background appears on Federica Calemme: “She lied”

Check a shocking background on Federica Calemme: “She lied”, here is the indiscretion that circulates on the competitor of Gf Vip 6

A new storm hits the most spied house in Italy and this time involves one of the competitors who have recently entered. During the last episode of “Casa Chi” a shocking background about Calemme was revealed. Could it be true? The indiscretion is very hot and risks jeopardizing his path in the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini.

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Check out a sensational background on Federica Calemme of Gf Vip 6 (Source: Instagram)

Gf Vip 6, the background on Federica Calemme

Federica Calemme is one of the new competitors of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. Model of Campania origins, she was born on February 4, 1996 in Casalnuovo di Napoli. She graduated from the linguistic high school and started working as a model at a very young age.

She participated in Miss Italy in 2017, winning the Miss Smiles and TV headband, but failed to triumph in the beauty contest. Later he tries his luck at Hello Darwin, but only achieves success thanks to The legacy, quiz show hosted by Flavio Insinna on Rai 1. Federica plays the role of one of the teachers.

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Federica Calemme at L'Eredità
(screen rai play)

Now she has accepted the proposal of Alfonso Signorini and has joined the cast of the reality show. Federica, however, allegedly lied to the authors of the program. If you are curious and want to find out more details about this sensational indiscretion, keep reading the article.

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According to what was declared by the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia to “Casa Chi”, the former ‘Professor’ of “L’Eredità” would have lied to the authors of Big Brother Vip as she would be engaged. In fact, she seems to have said at the auditions that she was single. Federica, on the other hand, would be engaged to a Neapolitan deejay.

Who knows if the news will also reach the most spied on house in Italy. Federica in the first days of confinement got very close to Gianmaria Antinolfi, also from Naples. The entrepreneur seems very busy with Federica and hopes a flirtation can arise, but the news could freeze him. Will another cold shower arrive for Gianmaria after the one received by Soleil Sorge and Sophie Codegoni?