Gf Vip 6, it’s official: the new competitor will be her, splendid announcement

It is official she will be the new competitor of Gf Vip 6, splendid announcement: in this article we tell you who it is

The reality show will end in March 2022 and new competitors are ready to enter the most spied house in Italy. Among these, one in particular has already been announced through an interview on the weekly Who, directed by Alfonso Signorini. This is a big hit for Big Brother Vip.

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Gf Vip 6, the new competitor made official: who it is (Source: screen video facebook)

Gf Vip 6, it’s official: she will be the new competitor

The sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip comes alive. THE competitors they were convinced that the final was on December 13th and instead on that day they received a surprise news: the final was postponed to March 2022. The Mediaset leaders have decided to extend the duration of the reality show.

Obviously not everyone took the news equally. Among the ‘Vipponi’ there was already someone who was counting down. After the statement from Big Brother Vip, there is someone who refused to continue. Francesca Cipriani, for example, has decided to leave the game due to physical problems. Alex Belli, on the other hand, was disqualified because he did not comply with the anti-Covid rules.

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In the next episode of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, other ‘Vipponi’ could leave the house. Among these stand out Aldo Montano (almost certain of his farewell) and Manila Nazzaro. The conductor, however, announced that for one who leaves, one who enters is already ready. In the coming weeks, in fact, four new ‘Vippons’ should enter the most spied house in Italy. One of these has already been made official.

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Eva Grimaldi, what is your real name?  Not everyone is aware of it, as we have always been used to calling her by her stage name

Through an interview with the weekly Who, directed among other things by Alfonso Signorini, Eva Grimaldi announced his entry into the house of the GF VIP 6: “I enter the Gfvip house. It’s my first Christmas away from mine. Even when I was in Santo Domingo to shoot a film, I remember that we had the option of staying there or returning to Italy, at our expense, for the Holidays. And I flew to my mom. This time, however, I will leave Imma alone for the holidays “.