GF Vip 6, Sonia Bruganelli admits: “The difference between me and Adriana Volpe”

Sonia Bruganelli reveals to Fanpage some background on her role as a columnist for the GF Vip including her relationship with Adriana Volpe.

The public of GF Vip knows very well that, in each edition, in addition to what happens between the competitors inside the house, what happens in the studio also has a lot of importance. During the prime time bets, the host and commentators are at the center of attention and can determine the dynamics of the game in various ways.

GF Vip, Sonia Bruganelli admits: “The difference between me and Adriana Volpe” (Mediaset Infinity)

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Among the most incisive elements of this sixth edition there are certainly the two opinion leaders Adriana Volpe, former reality show contestant, e Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis.

Known for being both women of character and outspoken, their interventions often give rise to discussions in the studio and at home. Among other things, by their own admission, the two do not have a relationship free from differences and this is certainly due to their very different temperaments.

Just the link with the ‘colleague’, the Bruganelli spoke in the interview given to Fanpage and explained that there is a big difference between them.

GF Vip, Sonia Bruganelli

During the episodes aired so far, it has been seen that La Volpe and Bruganelli often have different points of view and ways of approach. Bonolis’s wife said she was fully aware of being unpleasant at times.

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“Sometimes I feel unpleasant or distant because I can afford to be. I understand that for those who do a job that expects to please the public because otherwise they are not called and they do not work, the logic is completely different “, explains Bruganelli who, remember, is not a showwoman but he has always worked behind the scenes of programs.

“The difference between me and Adriana is perhaps right here: she has a lot to gain from this experience and a lot to lose, I have little to gain, if not in the economic aspect, and a lot to lose, in relation to time. that I could dedicate to work. This explains the different face when we discovered that it will go on until April ”, concluded the columnist.

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GF Vip Bruganelli
Photo source: Mediaset Infinity

Which of the two do you agree with most often?