Gf Vip 6, the decision is clear and does not provide for second thoughts: abandon the program

A competitor of Gf Vip 6 is ready to abandon the program: his decision seems clear-cut and does not include second thoughts

The game starts to get tough. Two months of staying in the most spied on house in Italy are difficult to bear. The contestants are unaware that the reality show will even be extended. Someone, however, begins to imagine it and may decide to abandon the program forever.

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Gf Vip 6, ready to abandon the program: clear decision (Source: Facebook)

Gf Vip, competitor leaves the program: clear decision

The sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip comes alive. The reality show started on September 13, 2021. More than two months have passed and the path seems to be still very long. The top management of Mediaset, in fact, have decided to extend the duration of the program. There the final it will not air in December, but in March 2022. I competitors therefore they will have to stay almost three months longer in the most spied on house in Italy.

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Mediaset’s decision has not yet been communicated to the tenants of the house. Competitors will know before Christmas and at that point they will have to decide whether to stay or leave the program forever.

Although the rumor has not yet arrived in the house of Big Brother Vip, some competitors can imagine it. Some, however, have already anticipated that, in the event of an extension, they will abandon the game.

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Among the competitors who could leave the game in case of an extension of the program stands out Carmen Russo. The gieffina has declared his decision which seems to be clear and does not foresee second thoughts.


“That’s enough for me, I’m almost sure” – said Carmen – “I can’t leave him and the baby alone yet. That is, three months is fine and that’s a lot. We are talking about 3 months not weeks. I want to have Christmas with the two of them. We have no one else we are. Then I no longer even have the enthusiasm of dynamics, of following, of doing, we are all tired. The topics and everything, we have known them for a long time. At this point that’s enough, come on “.

Katia Ricciarelli also said she wanted to leave the program, while Manila Nazzaro and Francesca Cipriani are in doubt. Aldo Montano could also leave the program before Christmas.