GF Vip 7, Alfonso Signorini displaces everyone with his decision: the social clue

GF VIP 7, the conductor Alfonso Signorini displaces everyone with his decision: the clue revealed on social networks would leave no doubts!

The seventh edition of the Big Brother Vip it is getting closer and closer. And while our hot summer goes by, the host of the Mediaset house would be putting on a really crackling cast for the new edition of the reality show.

GF Vip 7, sensational decision (Credits: Facebook)

The Big Brother Vip every year it keeps millions of viewers glued to the screen. The previous edition had a truly incredible number of plays. Will it be the same for the next one? We can say that Alfonso Signorini would be doing everything to put on a cast of competitors ready to give unique twists! Among the various possible competitors in the reality show there was also talk of a former castaway from the latest edition of the Isola dei Famosi. But in the last few hours the conductor of the Big Brother Vip has left a clue on social media that would leave no doubt about another possible face ready to take part in this new edition of the reality show. Ready to find out who it is? Alfonso Signorini he really surprised everyone with his decision!

GF Vip 7, Signorini displaces everyone: the social clue would leave no doubt

The summer passes torrid and between one holiday and another the conductor Alfonso Signorini has certainly not forgotten that in less than two months we will return to the small screen with the new edition of GF Vip 7. Yes, starting next September 2022 the most followed reality show ever is ready to return to our screens.

Although the cast of competitors who will enter the fateful most spied house in Italy has not been fully formalized, Alfonso Signorini does not hesitate to leave some clues on social media about some possible known face. In the last few hours, an Instagram Stories from the editor of the magazine Who would have left a clue on the new face ready to become one of the tenants of the House. But who are we talking about? Well, the conductor’s social shot shows a soccer ball. Everything would suggest a footballer. The choice of the conductor displaces practically everyone.

gf vip 7 decision
GF Vip: social clue (Credits: Instagram)

Look what the fifth competitor of GF Vip 7 forgot“, Wrote the presenter of the reality show in his Instagram Stories showing a soccer ball. The chosen song and the ball shown in the photo would prove to be a clue that immediately made us think of a well-known face in the VIP world. So we went to look for his social profile and look a bit, we found a very similar soccer ball:

gf vip 7 decision
Diego Armando Maradona Junior (Credits; instagram)

It would be a hypothesis, but would it be Diego Armando Maradona junior the ball shown in the shot by Alfonso Signorini? At the moment no official news has been received, but is there a good chance of seeing Maradona’s son inside the Big Brother Vip house? We will find out soon!