GF Vip 7, unpleasant news for the reality show: what no one imagined

GF Vip 7, unfortunate news for reality fans: what no one would ever have imagined, here’s what’s about to happen

The Big Brother Vip 7 has started for about a month, but from the debut of this seventh season to today, some good ones have already happened. In the episodes aired so far, the contestants in the game within the reality show have often ended up in the spotlight.

GF Vip 7: bad news (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

See the case opened on Marco Bellavia who saw the former tenant of the most spied on house in Italy, alone against everyone. Or again the ‘Pamela Prati gate’ which is still being talked about in recent weeks. In short, certainly the GF Vip 7 does not leave us dry with news and twists. In fact, although on the one hand the first quarrels broke out, it is also true that the spark is breaking out among some competitors. Only a few days ago, the kiss between the two VIP roommates broke out. In short, the GF Vip it is as always a surprise, in negative for some in positive for others it can be said that the reality show still registers a large number of viewers during each episode. However, thebitter news which now occurs and which at the moment would seem to be an indiscretion but could find room for confirmation, is rather unpleasant. Signorini’s reality fans would certainly never have imagined it. What is it about? Let’s find out together!

GF Vip 7, the news that leaves everyone stunned

No doubt about it, the plays of the Big Brother Vip from the debut of the seventh season to today, in short, just over a month, they have proved already great in any case. The presenter with his reality show certainly ranks among the first places of the most followed television programs.

From this point of view we can certainly say that the GF Vip 7 is enjoying a certain reputation with the public in particular for the events and situations that have arisen inside the house. You know, the dynamics of the game bring out the character sides of each of the Vippons present inside the house and so the audience feels they are taking sides with one, the other or even nowhere.

Whether you love it or hate it, Big Brother Vip is one of the most famous reality shows ever. So famous that until now we have even witnessed a double date live on our screens. But something is apparently about to change. At the moment it would be an indiscretion, the one according to Novella 2000 sees the GF Vip 7 give up one of the two weekly appointments to which we have been accustomed until now. The reason?

gf vip 7
GF Vip 7 (Credits; Mediaset Infinity)

The 2022 world football championship. Where, although Italy is not one of the participating teams, Mediaset has chosen well not to lose its share of audiences and has thus decided to forgo the Thursday episode. In this regard, at least until November 10, everything should remain unchanged. But from that moment on for a while the GF Vip could only go on the air on Monday evening.