GF Vip, Adriana Volpe dazzles in gold: what is the brand of the fabulous dress

Even last night at GF Vip Adriana Volpe left everyone breathless: the columnist chose a gold dress for a Merry Christmas.

Every week, for two evenings, Adriana Volpe amazes everyone with her always remarkable looks. So many evening dresses with which the showgirl has delighted the eyes of the public so far, but yesterday’s dress was truly superb!

GF Vip, Adriana Volpe dazzles in gold: what is the brand of the fabulous dress (Instagram)

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A golden cascade that went well with Adriana’s blonde curls and enhanced her silhouette by wrapping it up to the knee. A skilful make-up then did the rest: the smokey eyes that make the look deeper and more intense was in fact the icing on the cake.

What was particularly striking was the color of the dress, evidently chosen for the last episode before Christmas. Between red and gold, La Volpe has chosen the second option in perfect harmony with the ‘sparkling’ episode (in every sense) we have witnessed.

Superlative Adriana Volpe in gold: the dress in perfect Christmas style convinces everyone

As she had the opportunity to show in all the previous episodes of GF Vip 6, Adriana can afford any type of outfit. Obviously, with such a perfect physique, the ‘mermaid’ style is the one that most highlights her harmonious physique.

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It was she herself on her Instagram page to provide the details of the amazing dress worn: it is a designer model Fabiana Ferri, long, with straps and deep neckline. The loose and soft curly hair gave a touch of elegance without too much rigor, framing the face of the former model.

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Adriana Volpe gold dress
Photo source: Instagram

Who knows what the beautiful Fox will surprise us with in the episode of Monday 27, the last of this 2021! Will it certainly be up to the occasion, we bet?