GF Vip, Adriana Volpe’s comment on Sonia Bruganelli is not long in coming

Adriana Volpe reveals to Fanpage some background on the failure to reconfirm as a columnist for the GF Vip and what she thinks of Sonia Bruganelli.

As always, this edition of the GF Vip is arousing a lot of interest: with the second episode aired on Canale 5 on Thursday 22 September, the entries of all the protagonists of the cast have ended for the moment. And, from these first days in the house, it is clear that exciting weeks await us.

Adriana Volpe statements about Sonia Bruganelli (Credits: Instagram)

In truth, long before starting, this seventh season of the historic reality show has reserved twists and the most sensational was undoubtedly the decision to Sonia Bruganelli to fill the role of columnist again. Although last year she was super of her in that capacity, Paolo Bonolis’s wife had always said that for her, TV would be a parenthesis and that her work was far from the cameras.

Quite surprisingly, however, he decided to repeat the experience and accepted the proposal of Alfonso Signorini. This time, however, next to him we do not find Adriana Volpe but instead Orietta Berti. The loyal public of the GF Vip he knows well that during the last edition the Volpe and the Bruganelli did not manage to establish a good feeling and Adriana’s failure to reconfirm could certainly not go unnoticed by the fans of the program.

It is legitimate to ask what she thought when she learned that she had not been reconfirmed and that her ‘former colleague’ would instead return to comment on the dynamics of the house. The presenter answered these questions in an interview with Fanpagein which he also talks about the proposal received by Signorini to return to reality as a competitor.

Adriana Volpe talks about Sonia Bruganelli: “I am appalled”

To the newspaper note, La Volpe said that initially neither for her nor for Bruganelli there should have been a return to the studio of the GF Vip. “Then, in early June, I was very surprised by the request to re-enter the house as a competitor,” she explains. A proposal that she was forced to refuse since she, having separated from her husband Roberto Speakhe could no longer be away from his daughter for months: “Your request also surprised me because Alfonso knows my personal and family history […] She knows that since I have been separated, my daughter can only count on me, ”she says.

Regarding Sonia’s unexpected change of mind, however, these were her words: “About Sonia I am thrilled, I can only say that she is a monster of coherence”, she adds ironically. “At first she spat into the plate where she ate. Even during the edition we did together she complained that she didn’t want to be there, ”she recalled.

Some time before the two women had also launched some digs: in an interview Adriana Volpe had spoken of “those who go forward because they have patron saints” and Sonia Bruganelli had replied that Michele Guardì is still alive, as if to say that even she could count on someone to facilitate her.

The former columnist, however, clarified this point: “In reality, during the interview they reminded me that Sonia said about me: ‘I’m going back to my work, she doesn’t know if she has it’ – he explains – I replied in a manner direct and even humble, saying that in work there are those who go on out of meritocracy, some out of sympathy, some because they have patron saints behind them ”. She then clarifies: “And I also concluded by saying: ‘I probably lack all three of these qualities’. I was talking about myself, answering Sonia’s joke ”. And on Guardì he underlines: “I haven’t worked with him for five years, but he can answer whatever he wants. I didn’t understand what he meant, but that’s okay. I do not reply, I fly high “.

Adriana Volpe Sonia Bruganelli
Adriana Volpe talks about Sonia Bruganelli (Credits: Instagram)

Which side are you on in this ‘clash’?