Gf Vip, after a few hours she is already in tears: tears break out in front of everyone

Gf Vip, after a few hours she is already in tears: tears break out in front of everyone; what happened in the house.

The seventh edition of the GF Vip it only started a few hours ago, but we are already talking about nothing else. The cast created by Alfonso Signorini for this new adventure has all the credentials to become very strong: we’ll see some good ones!

Cast of GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

And, in these few hours of living together in the Cinecittà House, the first disagreements have already arisen, especially regarding food and weekly shopping … but that’s not all. There are already those who have let themselves go to a real emotional breakdown, not holding back the tears. What happened? We tell you everything.

GF Vip, the competitor collapsed after a few hours: he can’t hold back his tears

Only a few hours have passed since the entry of the ‘Vipponi’ in the house of the GF Vip, but there are already those who strongly feel the lack of their loved ones. In particular, one of the competitors let himself go to a real liberating cry, in front of the roommates.

“Mamma mia, how I miss her. This thing is beautiful, because it means that I am in love. I have waited a long time for this thing that I feel on me, and when I wake up I can’t find it, or when I have to go to sleep… I miss a bang ”. These are the words of Luca Salatino, who, confiding in the garden with Antonino Spinalbese, confessed that he already misses his girlfriend so much. This is the dessert Soraia Cerruti, the girl he met and chose a few months ago a Men and women. A feeling that has grown more and more, which the tronista has been waiting for for a long time. At home, after a few hours, the Roman has already become nostalgic, while recognizing that this experience will do nothing but strengthen their bond.

Antonino commented on the scene, giving support to the roommate: “It is nice to suffer from love, it would be better not to suffer, but in this case it is a good thing. Imagine on the other hand, you’re giving her a gift this morning seeing you like this, I find it romantic. But don’t get used to it! “

In the garden, on the sunbed, Luca was unable to hold back the tears: “If I didn’t feel anything, it wasn’t life, it wasn’t love for me,” said the former tronist, reiterating that the most difficult moments for him are waking up and before going to sleep. The Roman continues to tell his story of him to Amaurys Perez and George Ciupilan, explaining that he has been living with his Soraia for four months. “Enjoy these tears my friend, you must enjoy them,” Amaurys pointed out.

gf vip tears
Luca Salatino (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Will Big Brother be kind to Luca by organizing a surprise with his Soraia as soon as possible? We just have to wait!