GF Vip: after a single period, she shows herself on social networks with her new love

After the experience at GF Vip she found herself single, but now the former competitor has found love again: he made it clear on social media.

The GF Vip he told many stories of life lived through the competitors who have been part of it over the years. Like the original version of the reality show that involved strangers, the one intended for well-known characters is also based on human stories that resurface inside the house over the months.

GF Vip former protagonist new love (Credits: Big Brother Mediaset)

Not only that: even when the program ends, the public continues to be interested in the so-called ‘Vipponi’ and their stories. Many, for example, would have been very pleased to know that Guenda Goria she plans to get married with her boyfriend Mirko Gancitanodespite the health problem that has hit her lately forcing her to postpone the event.

The story between Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli is always very popular through the social profiles of the two who fell in love right in the most spied house in Italy. And again, we can mention Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro that a few months ago they even became the parents of a beautiful boy. Just these days Francesco Oppini showed his new girlfriend for the first time on Instagram confirming the breakup with Cristina Tomasini that had been rumored for months now.

It also happened that someone broke up with their partner for good once they returned to everyday life. By the way, do you know that the former gieffina who was left immediately after being eliminated from the game has now found love again?

GF Vip, ex ‘Vippo’ got engaged: love smiles at her again!

The former competitor who is showing up in these hours in the company of his new partner was an undisputed star of one of the most recent and most successful editions. She was part of the GF Vip 5which aired between the autumn of 2020 and the winter of 2021 and for the first few weeks was among the favorites of the public.

After leaving the program, the father of her daughters left her and is now linked to another woman. You will certainly have understood that we are referring to Matilde Brandia dancer with an amazing television career, and her former partner Marco Costantini with whom she had the twins Aurora and Sofia.

Despite the traumatic end of the story, Brandi is now calm again and has maintained a good relationship with his family. After being single for quite a while, she for the first time in these hours she came out in the open with the man who made her fall in love.

Although the dancer has hidden his face in the Instagram story, it is clear that the two are a couple: in support of a photo taken on the beach at sunset, Brandi has put the song by Ultimo as the background, Swallows on a leash.

GF Vip love
GF Vip, has found love again (Credits: Instagram)

While waiting for the beautiful Matilde to reveal the identity of her ‘prince charming’, we can only send her our best wishes!