Gf Vip, after the episode wants to leave: “I don’t know if I want to stay” and collapses in tears

GF Vip, the competitor after the episode collapses in tears and thinks of abandoning the game: “I don’t know if I want to stay”.

A new episode of the Big Brother Vip and as always the twists are not lacking. Unfortunately, Aldo Montano has decided to leave the house. Choice that caused the reaction, especially of Manuel and Gianmaria, who burst into tears.

After the episode of Gf Vip, the competitor had a collapse: “I don’t know if I want to stay” (source: mediaset infinity)

The other competitors who still had to make their choice, have decided to stay and are Davide, Soleil, Jessica, Manila and Sophie. In the live broadcast, there were new entries that surprised those present. Eva Grimaldi, Federica Calemme and Alessandro Basciano entered the episode on Friday. In particular, there was a very lively reaction when Basciano made his entrance. As soon as the episode ended, however, Jessica had a breakdown and thought about quitting the game.

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Gf Vip, Jessica collapses after the episode and wants to leave: “I don’t know if I want to stay”

It was an unexpected episode. Aldo Montano has left the house of Big Brother Vip and decided to return. It was a tough choice, several times we saw him hesitant, but in the end, he made his decision. New entrances enlivened the atmosphere.

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The new competitors are Alessandro Basciano, Federica Calemme and Eva Grimaldi. When the ex-suitor of Men and Women walked in, there was a very enthusiastic reaction from, especially Sophie and Soleil, who joked about it. This was a very strong bet, especially for Jessica, who after the live broadcast had a moment of despair, thinking they can quit the game.

Jessica in tears at the Gf Vip
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The Ethiopian princess, when she entered the studio, to reveal her decision to stay or leave, and we saw, she chose to stay, she did not feel well liked and supported by the studio audience: “When I went to the studio I didn’t feel this warmth, I’m here warming the bed, I’m honest, many times I see that… Clari was my shoulder and I have to be honest, I don’t know if I want to stay. I don’t like me “Jessica said. The contestant thought she didn’t like the audience and burst into tears, but was consoled by Giucas, Miriana and Manila, who tried to make her understand that this is not the case.