GF Vip, Alex Belli after the episode talks to Soleil and displaces: “Either I go out or I tell Delia that our story is over”

GF VIp, Alex Belli after seeing the photos of his wife’s kiss with another man, displaces: “Either I go out or I tell Delia that our story is over”.

Last night, Friday 10 December, a new episode of the Big Brother Vip. A few hours earlier, some very strong photos of Delia Duran, wife of Alex Belli, came out. The woman was paparazzi while exchanging a very passionate kiss with a man.

GF Vip, Alex after the episode indulges in very strong words: what he said to Soleil (source mediaset infinity)

These photos were shown to the competitor, who does not seem to have suffered the blow, however. In fact, Alex said it takes more to make him jealous. He said those kisses were fake. Alfonso Signorini, even before showing this scoop, showed what happened this week between Alex and Soleil. Friendship seems to have turned into something stronger. When the episode ended, Alex, speaking with the competitor, let himself go with very strong words: “Either I go out or I call Delia and tell her that our story is over “.

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GF Vip, Alex Belli leaves you speechless after the episode: “Either I go out or I call Delia and say that our story is over”

It was an episode full of twists. The Gf Vip is giving us endless surprises and emotions. Once again the focus is on relationship between Soleil Sorge and Alex Belli. The bond seems to be getting stronger, so much so that they can’t stay away.

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In yesterday’s episode, Alex was shown the photos released a few hours earlier, in which Delia Duran, his wife, was paparazzi while kissing with another man. It does not seem, however, that these photos have shaken the competitor, at least at that moment. After the episode, however, he had a confrontation with Soleil and indulged in very strong words.

Soleil and Alex Gf Vip
source mediaset infinity

Either I go out and go get things right or I absolutely call Delia and tell her our story is over, because that stuff doesn’t represent me. You know I have the p *** to do it, I don’t go ahead and see the woman I love doing these things“Said Alex. The competitor, speaking with Soleil, also said that he should not feel guilty for his relationship with the former suitors: “We simply opened our hearts, it’s not a fault, we respected each other, we respected everything, it’s true, we kissed each other … “. What will happen now?