Gf Vip, “Amaurys is married”: she didn’t like his gesture and told him openly

GF Vip, the competitor discusses what she has seen, she did not like how she compared and did not hesitate to tell him: “Amaurys is married ..”

The events that see the competitors inside the house as protagonists Big Brother Vip thicken. There are various clashes that we have witnessed in these very first weeks in which the reality is airing.

GF Vip: “Amaurys is married ..” (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Not even a month has passed yet, and here is that Big Brother Vip already leaves us speechless to the sound of shock twists. This time at the center of the story we are about to tell you, the competitor Amaurys Perez has something to do with it, albeit implicitly. Apparently, the well-known Cuban sportsman would have ended up in the spotlight for the special attention he would have received from one of the competitors. But let’s find out more.

GF Vip: “Amaurys is married”, clash between the roommates

It all starts from a discussion that has in the first place Luca and Nikita at the center. The competitors inside the house have expressed themselves about a possible closeness between the two and would have tried to make the former tronista understand that those behaviors could have made his girlfriend Soraya turn up her nose.

The competitor, however, more than once wanted to make sure that he would do anything for his Soraya and that the one with Nikita is just a friendship. There was talk of female solidarity, and how everyone should stay in their place and respect the relationships that exist outside. And so, this time Cristina Quaranta and Carolina Marconi end up at the center of the discussion. Cristina herself expressed her opinion on the matter, referring in particular to the issue of female solidarity. But at that point, Carolina Marconi didn’t see us anymore, and so she wanted to put the so-called dots on the i’s.

gf vip amaurys
Carolina Marconi and Cristina Quaranta on Amaurys (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

You say that you would never allow yourself to give Luca a massage but then you jump on Amaurys with your legs open. If we talk about solidarity between women, you too have to behave in a certain way because Amaurys is married“Marconi said, alluding to Cristina Quaranta’s attitudes towards the sportsman.