GF Vip, an old photo of Edoardo Donnamaria appears: so you won’t recognize him!

Face of Forum for years, Edoardo Donnamaria is among the tenants of the house of GF Vip 7: this old photo of him will leave you speechless!

Among the ‘Vipponi’ of Alfonso Signorini this year there is also him and, despite being only 28 years old, he is already a very well known face to the general public. Before crossing the threshold of the most spied house in Italy, in fact, Edoardo Donnamaria has been a regular presence in Foruma long-lived Mediaset broadcast that has seen Barbara Palombelli at the helm since 2013.

Edoardo Donnamaria as it was before (Credits: Big Brother Mediaset)

In the Canale 5 reality show, the 28-year-old from Rome is making himself known in his most hidden sides: his exuberance and the ability to keep the bench amazed those who were used to seeing him only in the role of assistant to the presenter alongside the former gieffino Paolo Ciavarro. The two are close friends even away from the cameras and it seems that Edoardo has had a flirtation with in the past Micol IncorvaiaClizia’s sister and, obviously, Paolo’s sister-in-law.

Graduated in Law, the likeable competitor of GF Vip also works as a radio speaker at Rtl 102.5. Music is in fact one of his greatest passions of him: not everyone knows that he already has songs available on Sportify and that his stage name is just what he uses on Instagram, that is Drojette.

Very attached to his family and very active on Instagram, on his profile it was possible to find an old photo in which he appears with his father. What is striking is certainly his look at the time, very different from the one we all know him with.

This old photo of Edoardo Donnamaria will leave you speechless: as the young gieffino was before

In the house Edoardo is proving to be very open to dialogue with the other roommates and we often see him interacting and joking with the much chat Sofia Giaele De Donà. Apparently, however, this particular closeness between the two would have aroused the jealousy of another ‘Vippona’ and that is Antonella Fiordelisi.

According to reports Biccy, the fencer from Salerno would have confessed to Carolina that she had an initial interest in the handsome Donnamaria: “He is playful and so cute and nice. I like big kids. Guys with this character intrigue me ”. She then added: “To say that I want to try it is early, I have known him for two days. We will see things calmly in the coming days. And if he likes Giaele then he would stay with her and make free love to her as she says “.

Since he landed on TV, we have always seen Edoardo with short hair and no beard, but no one would ever imagine that years ago he looked completely different. As we said, in the shot we want to show you he is in the company of his father as they walk together on the street. Edoardo wears long dreadlock hair, a headband and a pair of sunglasses. A completely different image from the one with which he made himself known by viewers!

Edoardo Donnamaria old photo
Edoardo Donnamaria years ago (Credits: Instagram)

Would you ever have recognized him like this?