Gf Vip, another warrior like Carolina Marconi in the house: she hadn’t said anything so far

Not everyone knows, but there is another warrior in the house of the GF Vip like Carolina Marconi: until now she hadn’t said anything.

An edition of the GF Vip completely different from all the others and which, up to now, is proving to be truly unsurpassable. This is an edition where Alfonso Signorini and his team have chosen to focus on a few names on the bill, but on many stories to tell.

Live GF Vip. Credits: Mediaset Play

Starting from George Ciupilan’s dramatic story and Pamela Prati’s creepy confession about Mark Caltagirone, there are many stories that are alternating between the four walls of Cinecittà. One of these, however, is totally new! Only now, in fact, one of the competitors of the GF Vip wanted to tell him about the battle.

During a moment of chatting with Carolina Marconi, the beloved Vippone told the former competitor of the GF that he too fought against a tumor and had undergone eight months of chemotherapy. In short, it is a real warrior, who could not help but tell the story of him.

GF Vip, also like Carolina Marconi: the story of a warrior, what he said

Almost twenty years after its very first participation in Big Brother – from which it has not changed at all – Carolina Marconi she returned to the famous Canale 5 reality show, ready to tell her story. A little over a year ago, the former gieffina discovered she had breast cancer, fighting with her all herself to defeat it. To date, it can be said that the beautiful Carolina has managed to emerge victorious in this battle, but it can be clearly understood that the memory of this dramatic moment of her still makes her shiver.

According to what is learned, it would seem that Carolina Marconi is by no means the only warrior of this edition of GF Vip. Although clearly behind all his other travel companions, it would seem that another Vippone also fought his same battle. To reveal it openly, it was the person concerned in a moment of confidence with Marconi. “Believe me I can understand you about what you are telling me. I have done this in the past as well. Then, love, I made it 8 months “, began to tell the beloved Vippone to his roommate, making a clear reference to the cycle of chemotherapy to which he had to undergo.

It was the young Alberto De Pisis who recounted this dramatic interlude of his life. From his story, in fact, it would seem that he too had a tumor, even if we don’t know much. “Then there is the hair… But then there is the hair regrowth phase. But then they grow back stronger and thicker. Yes it’s a second rebirth “, concluded his story.

gf vip marconi
Alberto De Pisis. Credits: Instagram

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