Gf Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi twist: no one expected it

Gf Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi twist: no one expected it; the competitor’s words did not go unnoticed.

In a few days she has already shown that she is an absolute protagonist of the GF Vip 7. Antonella Fiordelisi he doesn’t mince words and, even at the cost of going against the whole house, he never misses an opportunity to have his say.

Antonella at GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Play)

The fencer from Salerno has shown that she has a strong and decisive character and has already discussed with several ‘Vipponi’ in the Cinecittà house. In the past few hours, moreover, the beautiful Fiordelisi has let herself go to a confession that did not go unnoticed at all… It concerns one of her roommates, who, apparently, is not indifferent to Antonella. Is a flirt going to be born? Here’s what’s going on.

GF Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi’s confession: one of her roommates has something to do with the house

GF Vip 7 has only started a few days ago but fans are already identifying the first, possible, ‘ships’. This is how viewers talk about the ‘couples’ that are formed in the house, or, at times, the couples that they would like them to be created. On Twitter, the hashtag “gintonic” is already going crazy, which refers to the particular bond that is being born between Ginevra Lamborghini and Antonino Spinalbese: flirting in progress? We’ll see! In the meantime, something is brewing regarding the beautiful Antonella Fiordelisi.

Chatting with the other women, the fencer and influencer revealed that she did feel some interest for one of the guys in the house. A nice feeling has been established between them, made up of cuddles, hugs and gestures of affection. Who are we talking about? Of Edoardo Donnamaria, face of the Forum broadcast. Speaking with Sara and Elenoire, Antonella revealed that she was jealous of her male friends and, in particular, of Edoardo: “If you like me? I have to understand this well, because I don’t trust men so much. He is playful, so cute and nice. I like big kids, I am intrigued by boys with this character ”.

The competitor continues by explaining that she cannot be unbalanced, having known him for a few days, but on one thing she was clear: “But I’m jealous and I told him if you like Sofia just try it with her ‘”. Apparently, Antonella is particularly jealous of Sofia Gioele Di Donà and her closeness to Edoardo. We just have to wait to find out if, indeed, the famous spark will light up among any of these Vippos!

gf vip antonella fiordelisi
Edoardo at GF Vip (Credits Twitter)

We remind you that, tonight Thursday 29 September 2022, the fourth episode of the seventh edition of the reality show will be broadcast. An episode that promises to be very fiery, during which there will also be a welcome return. The former columnist Adriana Volpe will return to the studio but not only: I will also visit her great friend Giovanni Ciacci. We can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen live, what about you?