GF Vip, as Nikita Pelizon was years ago: note the change in this old photo

GF Vip, as Nikita Pelizon was years ago: note the change of the competitor in this old photo.

The Big Brother VIP is having impressive success. The public has been closely following what has been happening since it began. You will remember, a fuss arose for what happened to Marco Bellavia, the mental coach who then abandoned the game. Then there was the issue related to covid.

Nikita Pelizon, past (credits: youtube) sologossip

For the first time the virus has entered the house and several competitors have contracted it. They were placed in isolation and when the swab came back negative, they were brought back. A lot has happened in these weeks. Every day quarrels and even very strong discussions break out and new flirtations are born. Recently there has been a lot of talk about Nikita Pelizon in reference to his relationship with Luca Onestini. Report that now seems to be completely shipwrecked. The young girl had shown an interest in her and she seemed to have received just as much attention. What was later denied by the competitor, so there was a lot of discussion about this.

A few months before Nikita joined GF Vip, we saw her at Beijing Express. But already in the past she had taken part in another famous format. In recent years she has become very popular, but have you ever seen what she was like before?

GF Vip, as it was years ago Nikita Pelizon: note the change of the competitor in this old social photo

Nikita Pelizon is capturing the attention of the public at GF Vip. She is one of the most loved competitors and it is no coincidence that every time she found herself in televoting she was saved. In recent weeks she had shown interest in Luca Onestini. As she had reported, it seemed that the contestant had shown the same commitment towards her.

In the episode, however, he denied and was accused of having pretended in his attitudes. Often Nikita finds himself at the center of the controversy of the others present. She is isolated many times and someone doesn’t seem to have a particular sympathy towards her. Indeed, some roommates did not hold back in openly declaring that they often ‘disagree’ with her. Nikita is making herself known in her home but before arriving at the GF vip we saw her at Beijing Express where she, together with Helena Prestes, proved to be a very strong competitor. Those who have followed the format will surely have seen the temperament of the couple. But before that, have you ever seen what it was like?

nikita pelizon how it was
GF Vip, Nikita (credits: instagram) sologossip

This is a shot taken from her instagram profile, Nikita had shorter hair than today and even the color isn’t the same. She today she appeared with a mane with a little blue inside her while she had pink back then. For the rest, she doesn’t seem particularly different: would you have recognized her?