GF Vip, bad surprise for Pamela Prati outside the house: she didn’t expect this

Bad surprise for Pamela Prati outside the house of the GF Vip: the showgirl certainly did not expect all this, here’s what happens

In this seventh edition of Big Brother Vip we have seen the showgirl return to these screens Pamela Prati. After a period of hiding from the world of entertainment due to what happened with the Mark Caltagirone casethe showgirl had then decided to return to the limelight.

Pamela Prati Gf Vip (Credits: Youtube)

To get back into the game he had chosen the house of Big Brother VIP promising that under the spotlight of the reality show we would have found a completely different Pamela Prati. The showgirl inside the house had made it known that she would reveal something more about what had been her story that she had seen the spotlight on her some time before. And in fact we can say that during her participation in the reality show, Pamela Prati had tried to clarify some doubts about the story around which the whole story was built. However, the Caltagirone case is a story that still leaves room for many doubts, therefore it cannot be said that absolute clarity has been made.

In any case, however, beyond this, Pamela Prati has tried to make herself known for the person she is. And in doing so, showing her spontaneity, she caught the attention of one of the house’s competitors, Marco Bellavia. There seemed to be a good harmony between the two. And today that the two are now former competitors of the GF Vip who knows that something beautiful will not be born outside. But, right outside the walls of the Cinecittà house, something happens that Pamela Prati certainly did not expect. A bitter surprise according to a leaked indiscretion.

Pamela Prati outside the house of the GF Vip, the indiscretion leaves everyone dumbfounded

There was earlier talk of a clause in the contract that Pamela Prati would sign to enter as a contestant in the house of GF Vip. The clause in question, according to what was revealed by Pipol, would have foreseen that the competitor in her adventure at Big Brother Vip would not have had any meeting with Eliana Michelazzo. But this time, it’s another indiscretion that leaks from Pipol and that concerns aunpleasant surprise‘ that the competitor would have found outside the walls of the house.

pamela prati gf
Pamela Prati (Credits: Youtube)

Apparently, as reported by Pipol, it would seem that Pamela Prati has not been hosted on television after her departure from the house for a specific reason. “No Mark, no Parties. We will hardly see Pamela Prati on TV again“, wrote Pipol making it known that the well-known showgirl would have asked that the topic ‘Mark Caltagirone’ would not be touched or even placed at the center during her television shows. “The former gieffina, in the guests she had before giving ok, asked that no questions be asked about the case and her lawyer had to be present in the studio with her“.