Gf Vip, bad unexpected for Lulù Selassié: this was not expected

Bad unexpected for the young and beloved Lulù Selassié of Big Brother Vip: the former competitor did not expect this.

After the end of his love affair with Manuel Bortuzzo, yet another bad blow for Lulù Selassiè. According to what is learned from The Pipol Tv, it would seem that the former competitor of the GF Vip was caught by one very unpleasant unforeseen which would even force her to make a drastic decision.

Bad unexpected for Lulù Selassié who would never have expected it: what happened. Credits: Mediaset Play

A few months have passed since the end of his experience in the GF Vip house, yet the Selassié sisters continue to talk a lot about them. We do not refer only to the beautiful Jessica, who recently communicated a completely unexpected decision, but also to the very young Lulu. According to what is learned from The Pipol TV, it would seem that the princess had to make an inevitable decision due to a very unpleasant unexpected event. What are we referring to? The answer is very simple: to an event that Lulu had organized, but which she was forced to postpone!

Lulù Selassié, bad unexpected: what happened to the young princess

This he would never have expected, Lulù Selassiè, we are sure! According to what is learned from The Pipol Tv, it would seem that the former competitor of the GF Vip has been caught by very unpleasant unforeseen which forced her to make a drastic decision.

Just a few hours ago, the beautiful Ethiopian princess turned 24 years old. Great party, therefore, in the Selassié house, which did not miss an opportunity to celebrate the young Lulu. In reality, according to what we learn, it would seem that the former gieffina wanted to celebrate this event together with her adventure friends on June 9, but that something went wrong. The Pipol Tv, in fact, reveals that the princess wanted to spend her birthday in Naples in a well-known local hotel, but that – due to the forfeit of several of her travel companions – she had to postpone. The names of those who chose to give the little princess a chance have not been revealed, but it would seem that Lulu has chosen to choose another date to celebrate this anniversary. We are talking about next June 22nd.

unforeseen lulu
Credits: Instagram

Lulu has not commented on this, but we imagine that – if this were to be the case – it was not at all easy to swallow the bitter mouthful. What do you think?