GF Vip, ‘bomb’ anticipation: it concerns Marco Bellavia, it will happen tonight!

Sensational anticipation on the episode of the GF Vip that awaits us tonight: it concerns Marco Bellavia, what is about to happen.

Although out of the game after just ten days following the forced withdrawal, Marco Bellavia continues to be the undisputed protagonist of this seventh edition of GF Vip. The story born from what happened to him in the house, his malaise and the response of his former roommates to his request for help generated a media hype of gigantic proportions.

GF Vip episode tonight (Credits: Big Brother Mediaset)

A real ‘case’ that led to a distortion of the plans of the authors who, with the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghinithe elimination of Giovanni Ciacci and the spontaneous abandonment of Sara Manfusosaw three very incisive characters come out of the house in dynamics.

During the very difficult event of last October 3, Signorini spoke for the first time to the Vipponi about what happened to the former conductor of Bim Bum Bam and how their attitudes have outraged the public. Many of them evidently did not expect such drastic consequences as a result of their behavior. The harsh reproaches of Alfonso Signorini were not easy to digest on national live, so much so that some of them even complained about it.

Then, on Thursday 7 October, the topic still held the ground and the Vipponi received a letter from Bellavia. In it, the latter gave an account of his brief experience, sparing no sharp words to those who constantly attacked him in his house, mocking and insulting him.

In the meantime, the former TV host for kids in recent days has recovered a bit and is back on social media. Here he has recently acquired a huge following, including colleagues from the entertainment world and fans who were deeply impressed by his story of him. In a few hours another appointment on Canale 5 will be broadcast with the most spied on house in Italy: what will happen this time? Was Federica Panicucci to Morning Five to spoiler what awaits us, let’s see what he said!

GF Vip, crazy anticipation: Marco Bellavia ‘present’ in the episode also tonight

Even this morning, like every day, a Morning Five a space was dedicated to the latest events in the house of GF Vip. Federica Panicucci spoke with the guests present in the studio about the dynamics between the various competitors, such as for example the heated reaction of Luca Salatino to the criticisms of Cristina Quaranta. An episode that greatly embittered the young man and that did not fail to trigger consequences. The former tronista would in fact be considering making a rather drastic decision.

With regard to there episode tonight October 10, however, the presenter dropped a real ‘bomb’. “Tonight there will be a new letter from Marco Bellavia. […] Indeed, it is not a letter but a video message “, he announced to viewers. It is natural to wonder what Marco will say to his former teammates, what the tone of his message will be and, above all, how the Vipponi will react.

Since the uproar broke out on social media in defense of Bellavia, there are not a few who are waiting for a face-to-face confrontation between him and the competitors. Has this moment already come? The anticipation about the video message made some web users think that the conductor could be in quarantine just in anticipation of this meeting. For the moment it is only a hypothesis, but what is certain is that the story will continue to be talked about for quite a while.

GF Vip anticipation tonight
GF Vip tonight Marco Bellavia (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

In addition to the virtual meeting between Bellavia and the rest of the cast, what other twists await the audience? Do not miss the episode because we will see some good ones!