Gf Vip, Brosio: “No to bullying but those who participate must expect strong dynamics”

“If you have a weakness you know that you expose yourself there, if you go you accept the risk”

“Let me be clear: strategies must not happen on people’s skin. Strategy in a program like Big Brother is fine, but you have to be careful to measure the words. Having said that, however, if you have a weakness of yours and go to that cauldron you also accept the risk to enter dynamics that are notoriously strong. “This is what Adnkronos says Paolo Brosiowhich thus intervenes on the crawl space unleashed after the competitor’s exit from the Big Brother Vip House Marco Bellavia and
allegations of bullying rained down from various quarters against many of the program’s competitors.

“It is necessary to evaluate case by case which are the most damaging statements – explains Brosio, a former competitor of the edition two years ago – and not to make a bundle of every herb, distinguishing the normal dialectic of observation on the behavior of a person from those that are the actual attacks “. For the journalist and well-known face of TV, “as a Christian, I think twice about offending a person for their problem, but we must also admit that a problem repeated every day as a complaint is not good, because in that program everyone is under pressure” .

Going “to a show like Big Brother – Brosio emphasizes again – you expose yourself, and you know it. I don’t think it’s right to repeat your malaise every day 24 hours a day, because then you need a Red Cross staff, a Big Brother everything for him. With all the goodness and mercy in the world for someone’s difficulties, you must understand that you are in a program where there are strong and exasperated dynamics for everyone“. Therefore,” if the competitors have made normal observations I do not find it right that they condemn themselves, while if they have had violent or aggressive sentences they should certainly be eliminated from the game “, concludes Brosio.