GF Vip, Charlie Gnocchi shock on Marco Bellavia: sensational revelations

The words of Charlie Gnocchi after the retirement of Marco Bellavia from GF Vip give shivers: shocking revelations, what he said.

The sudden withdrawal of Marco Bellavia from GF Vip continues to make people talk. Even if the former face of Bim Bum Bam had made it clear that he was not well and that he needed help, no one would ever have expected such an epilogue.

Charlie and Marco GF Vip. Credits: Instagram

After Marco Bellavia left the Cinecittà house, revealed to all the other tenants with a press release, everything really happened in the house. Not only Antonella Fiordelisi has ‘thrown herself’ against those who did not believe in the malaise of the good Bellavia, even making fun of him, but other Vipponi have indulged in comments that have absolutely not gone unnoticed. There are those who, like Giovanni Ciacci, immediately ended up in the crosshairs of the web for a sentence, according to many, unhappy. And who, on the other hand, revealed more shocking ‘details’ about that morning.

To speak a few hours after the release of Marco Bellavia, it was right Charlie Gnocchi, that by turning to other competitors he let himself go to some truly sensational revelations.

Charlie Gnocchi, shocking revelations about Marco Bellavia: what he said

The withdrawal of Marco Bellavia from the house of the GF VIP got everyone talking. If on the one hand, however, there are people close to him who could not help but comment on what happened, on the other there are those who experienced his malaise until a few hours before his abandonment and who now tell some more details about him.

After Ginevra Lamborghini, who recently made a ‘mea culpa’ and apologized to Marco, too Charlie Gnocchi he wanted to tell what happened a few hours before the official retirement of his roommate. And so, talking to some of his roommates in the garden, he indulged in some shocking revelations, which the people of Twitter immediately reported.

“It was early this morning and it woke up Ciupilan. Yes he was shouting, he was talking to himself against the wall. I said ‘is this crazy?’ I talked to him and he told me that he didn’t care about the rules of the GF Vip “, Charlie Gnocchi told his travel companions. To support these statements, there was also Wilma Goich. “He needs help, it’s not the environment for him. But it’s not our fault that he’s gone “, he said.

It is, as we can clearly understand, really sensational revelations, which clearly make us understand how bad Bellavia was hurting and needed help.

charlie gnocchi bellavia
Charlie Gnocchi. Credits: Mediaset

Which side are you on? We remind you that tonight the seventh live will be broadcast which, without any doubt, will focus on Marco and his retirement.