GF Vip, “closed chapter”: sensational words, it’s really over

Resounding words during the live broadcast of GF Vip: “chapter closed”, it is really over between the two!

During the last episode of the Big Brother Vip sensational words flew between two competitors of the most spied on house in Italy: “chapter closed”, it’s really over!

GF Vip: sensational words, “chapter closed” (Source Instagram)

In the live episode of Monday, November 16, there was no lack of new comparisons between the inhabitants of the house. Alfonso Signorini, the host of the reality show, allowed the comparison between two competitors who, apparently, still had many things to say to each other. During this confrontation, sensational statements are made, “you are a closed chapter, I don’t want to see you anymore”. This story ends definitively like this, there will be no future either inside or outside the house for the two protagonists of the clash.

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GF Vip: “chapter closed” is definitely over

The clash of the two gieffins sees protagonists Nicola Pisu, son of the famous Patrizia Mirigliani and the woman who has been in the young man’s heart from the beginning, the soubrette of It is not Rai, Miriana Trevisan. Nicola Pisu he is now out of the house, since he was eliminated in the episode of Friday 12 November. Between the two there has always been a good relationship, albeit fluctuating, but in the course of the last few episodes, the affection that bound the two competitors seems to have definitively disappeared.

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Alfonso Signorini during the episode he asks the eliminated Nicola Pisu if you want to enter the house for the last time and say a Miriana what he really thinks about their relationship. The boy does not think twice and during the confrontation he uses harsh words towards Miriana Trevisan. “From my elimination it does not seem that you have missed it so much, I saw lightness” so begins the son of Mirigliani. Obviously the beautiful Miriana he defends himself and confesses that he does not actually have the eyes of Nicola all the time, it made her much more relaxed.

GF Vip "closed chapter"
Source Instagram

The hard confrontation between the two ends with Nicola saying: “I am convinced that there can be nothing on my part, neither friendship nor anything else”. To reinforce this thought comes a direct Instagram made by Nicola, to answer questions from his fans. To the question of the future with Miriana Trevisan, Nicola he replies that “it is a closed chapter, when I say one thing it is that, I have not the slightest interest and pleasure in meeting it”. Surely the young man Nicola did not take well the showgirl’s constant refusals, who nevertheless always proclaimed her sincerity and consistency, especially to protect Nicola.

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A faded couple al GF Vip, who knows if we will see other events between two former lovers.