GF Vip, cold shower for Geneva: Elettra Lamborghini’s comment appears

Twist live at GF Vip for Ginevra Lamborghini: her sister Elettra intervenes on social media and makes a revelation.

Although yesterday’s September 26 was just the third episode of the new edition of GF Vip in progress, the moments of tension were different, starting with the confrontation between Sorayagirlfriend of Luca Salatinoand Elenoire Ferruzzi about the recent clashes between the two competitors. A discussion into which other Vipponi were inevitably drawn, first of all Sara Manfuso.

Ginevra Elettra Lamborghini twist (Credits: Instagram)

Among the gieffini who are attracting attention in these first days there is then Ginevra Lamborghini, sister of the famous Elettra that we all know. The two have been at loggerheads for three years, so much so that the competitor would not have been invited to the singer’s wedding in 2020.

The topic was one of the most popular in all three episodes aired so far, but regarding the causes that led to such a situation between the two heiresses, not much has emerged. Ginevra, who has cried several times for this situation even during some confessionals, he claims he does not know the real reason why his sister raised a wall against him.

Both the roommates and the commentators Orietta Berti and Sonia Bruganelli, immediately advised the girl to dig into the memory to trace the origin of this apparently inexplicable hatred. Probably, almost all of them argued, something happened during their childhood that cracked their relationship. What happened last night was then a real twist.

GF Vip, bad blow for Ginevra Lamborghini: Elettra really did it

Already during the second episode, Alfonso Signorini had communicated to the tenant of the Cinecittà house that Elettra had warned her and the program from making her name. Despite this, the theme was picked up last night and clips from the last few days were shown showing Ginevra in tears as she talks about it.

After about an hour, the singer of Caramelo responded with an Ig story with the song by Fabri Fibra entitled Stomach ache and then delete it. When the time came to read the most interesting tweets live, Alfonso Signorini communicated in Geneva that Elettra had reacted to a comment concerning her.

A user had written: “In my opinion, Electra for having it so with her sister is because something will have done“. Signorini then pointed out that to these words Elettra put the like.

“I accept your reaction and at this point I hope you can tell me. I think I did something. I’m not a saint, I don’t have an areola. But at this point she would tell me. Tell me and let’s talk about it, ”said la gieffina.

Ginevra and Elettra Lamborghini
Ginevra Elettra live episode (Credits: Instagram)

Will the two sisters be able to make peace before the edition ends?