GF Vip, competitor in crisis: he wants to leave the house forever, twist

Twist in the house of the GF VIP: a competitor is in severe crisis and has expressed the will to leave the house forever.

During the last live broadcast of GF Vip, everything really happened. Starting from the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini – also commented by Marco Bellavia’s ex-wife – up to the elimination of Giovanni Ciacci, the Canale 5 reality show gave its audience an episode that will literally remain in the history of the program.

GF VIP scene shot. Credits: Mediaset Play

A little less than a month has passed since the beginning of this seventh edition of GF Vip, yet it would seem that some of its protagonists are already tired of staying indoors. In addition to Pamela Prati and Elenoire Ferruzzi, another competitor of the program has also expressed her desire to leave the house. Of course, between saying and doing there is the sea! During the last live broadcast, however, the young ‘Vippona’ could not help but explain to Alfonso Signorini that she was in crisis for what happened to Marco Bellavia and for wanting to leave the game.

Competitor of the GF Vip in crisis: he wants to leave the game, what happened

We knew perfectly well that the last live broadcast by GF Vip would be challenging, but we didn’t expect it up to this point. During the entire duration of the episode, in fact, Alfonso Signorini had to face the unthinkable, once again demonstrating his skillful skills as a conductor. Not only, therefore, he had to ‘console’ Ginevra Lamborghini at the time of his disqualification, but he also had to go to the bottom of the crisis of a competitor. Already in the middle of the live broadcast – shortly after Elettra’s sister left the house forever – Vippona had expressed her desire to leave the game, but was quickly liquidated by the landlord. At the end of the episode, however, the young woman was called into the confessional by the conductor and continued to express her will.

After what happened to Marco Bellavia, all the Vipponis were particularly burned. It is precisely for this reason that Sara Manfuso could not help but express live that she is ready to leave the game. “My authors told me that tomorrow you want to leave the house”, Alfonso Signorini said to the competitor who had just arrived in the confessional, trying to ask her what the origin of her mood is. “What happened to Marco is a huge thing. I feel uneasy to be in here “, Manfuso began to say.

“It doesn’t seem fair that we’re in here and he’s out and we put on this show. It hurts me that he is sick “, he continued to say, addressing Sonia Bruganelli.

gf vip competitor crisis
Sara Manfuso. Credits: Mediaset Play

In the end, it ended with nothing done! It would seem that, at least for the moment, Sara remains at home. Are you enjoying her journey through the house?