Gf Vip, Daniele Dal Moro after the disqualification releases the first statement

Gf Vip, Daniele Dal Moro blurts out on social media, does not send them to say, also because it is an unprecedented and sensational truth.

Curious path that made by Daniele Dal Moro to the Gf Vip. It starts off a bit quiet, at first during the Bellavia-gate and the explosions by Antonella Fiordalisi, we had even forgotten that he was a competitor. In fact, there was no lack of continua appeals by Alfonso Signorini, in which he ordered him to get more involved. The dynamics have changed from the moment she entered the most spied on house in Italy, the former U & D, Oriana Marzoli, breaking into his heart. Despite the attraction, something goes wrong, and he is drastically estranged.

Gf Vip, Daniele Dal Moro first revelation after disqualification- (Credits: @gfvipnews)-

Inside the house of Gf Vip one can never be calm, and even an apparently calm face like that of Daniele Dal Moro, is bound to shock. His figure is surrounded by a red halo, a symbol of disqualification. It is not a question of a common elimination, but of the more drastic measure taken into question in extremis by the authors, with the confirmation of Alfonso Signorini. Perhaps the gieffino took the conductor’s suggestion a little too literally, but in reality it is a matter of something else.

Gf Vip, Daniele Dal Moro drops a shock bomb

Unpleasant to read of the disqualification of such a young competitor. Beautiful, fresh and overwhelming, the Gf Vip told a deep and complex story, that of Daniele Dal Moro. Partly closed boy, but with a world of sensitivity to explore. Since she came in Oriana Marzoli calm seemed to have returned to his life, but the last gestures often resumed were a reason, according to what they say, for disqualification. Shoot frames of an incriminating video, but there is no certainty. The only confirmation he gives himself by writing a targeted post in his official IG profile.

Daniele Dal Moro Gf Vip
Daniele Dal Moro disqualified from Gf Vip – Credit: Instagram (

He claims that he has many things to tell the public that has always followed him, since he had already made his entry into the reality show 4 years ago. It shocks him that he not only has so many things to say, but “what does he have to say.” It seems that he is the keeper of unspeakable secrets, above all because he claims a 100% democratic concept: “the law is equal for all”. Here are his words on IG: “Thank you so much to all the people who in recent months have spent even just a minute for me who am just a boy like many others. I will always be grateful to you. Like four years ago, you are my big brother that nothing and no one can ever take away from me.
I thank you with all my heart because your affection is worth much more than any ending.”

Behind this message of gratitude there is something else that he has only decided to leak, but which from experience suggests only to the calm before the storm. Close to the final, good things will happen, up to the last minute from inside and outside the home of Gf Vip, the competitors do not give peace. Here is the final jab of his speech. “The first rule of the regulations should be that the regulation must be respected.. And the second that the rules are the same for everyone. But this is another story that I will tell you soon”. In short, there is someone who, according to what he would seem to declare, preaches well and raids badly, or in any case shows favoritism. This hers first statement is bound to create chaos, in fact it doesn’t end there.