Gf Vip, Daniele Dal Moro disqualified: Oriana Marzoli’s reaction leaves everyone stunned

Gf Vip, Daniele Dal Moro Outside and Oriana Marzoli has a shocking reaction, no one would have ever expected this background.

Very quarrelsome love between Daniele Dal Moro and Oriana Marzoli at the Gf Vip of this year. If the public thought they were witnessing an idyllic relationship without drastic endings, they were very wrong. United by an overwhelming attraction from the very first moments, it still took them a while to get close. The fault was not the dynamics, but theirs character a particular on both fronts. The disqualification of the gieffino is a punch in the stomach, and the vippona has an unexpected reaction.

Gf Vip, Oriana Marzoli disqualification reaction of Daniele Dal Moro (Credits: @orianagonzalezmarzoli and @gfvip_sondaggi_)-

Daniele Dal Moro is disqualified by Gf Vip, and is therefore ousted from the final which according to rumors will take place between the end of March and the beginning of April. Therefore, there is still some time to spend in the company of the vipponi, but among all there is someone who, despite the final, is at the mercy of conflicting emotions. We are talking about Oriana Marzoli, the most loved and criticized gieffina of the moment. She doesn’t tell them, on the contrary she is very direct. Often it was precisely this fiery character of hers the fuse of hers that ignited that of Daniele Dal Moro. Sensitive and attracted to each other, they don’t have a love with a happy ending. This is confirmed by the words of gieffina.

Gf Vip, Daniele Dal Moro disqualified: Oriana Marzoli reacts like this

Everything was revolutionized instantly, Oriana Marzoli seems to have disappeared from the chambers of Gf Vip. From the disqualification of his bel Daniele Dal Moro, the situation inside the house has been preserved by every means available. The authors have obscured everything, trying to spread as few images as possible that could disturb viewers following the live broadcast. Despite the few images, si hear gieffina’s desperate screams: she wants to talk to him! The most shocking aspect, however, comes out of the words of another gieffino.

Following what appears to have been the escalation of vulgar actions and expressions, the same provision takes over which had already featured the competitor last March 9 Edoardo Donnamaria. Why two equal solutions in such a short time? It is the words broadcast live that portend the worst. Oriana is sincerely desperate, and discussing the fact are the other competitors who reveal something chilling.

Gf Vip, Oriana Marzoli first words after disqualification of Daniele Dal Moro
Gf Vip, Oriana Marzoli disqualification reaction of Daniele Dal Moro (Credits: @orianagonzalezmarzoli)-

Leave it dumbfounded Oriana’s reaction because she is desperate and unmanageable, despite the fact that she is most likely the reason why the gieffino was disqualified, and that of Edward Tavassi. The contestant expressed his strong disappointment about what happened, and concludes by stating these words a Luca Onestini: “Too much time in here, the more time passes and the more things can happen.”

This would allude to negative consequences excessive program duration. Condition of “abnormality” that makes the gieffins live inside a bubble, alienating them from real life. Could this have been the cause of everything? In the meantime, Oriana is called from the confessional after her crying spell.