GF Vip, Dayane Mello leaves everyone speechless: the statements on Rosalinda Cannavò

Dayane Mello shocks everyone with what was declared in an interview with the Mio newspaper: guess what she said about Rosalinda Cannavò!

In the whole history of the GF Vip, there have been many intense, discussed and controversial ties that have been created between the competitors who have crossed the famous red door of Cinecittà. We are not referring only to the love stories born in the most spied house in Italy, but also to the friendships (and enmities!) That have characterized all the editions.

Dayane and Rosalinda after the GF Vip (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

One of the relationships that most intrigued and attracted the attention of the public was undoubtedly the one established between the Brazilian model Dayane Mello and the actress Rosalinda Cannavò. They met for the first time thanks to their participation in the fifth season of the very popular reality show, between the two seemed to have been born a very strong understanding and a deep affection.

Then at a certain point, in a completely sudden and perhaps incomprehensible way, something broke between them and in the last months of the GF Vip the heated clashes and confrontations in episodes that saw them as protagonists were not rare. Until the final twist in which the beautiful South American sent her friend straight to her nomination by making her collide with a ‘colossus’ like Stefania Orlando and condemning her to an almost certain elimination just a few days before the final.

The GF Vip then it ended and outside the house the two continued to have contact, but that initial harmony seems to have never returned. Now, Mello goes back to talking about the former roommate and her words have left everyone stunned.

Dayane Mello displaces everyone: what she revealed about Rosalinda

Interviewed by the newspaper Mythe former partner of Stefano Sala he defined the current relationship with the Sicilian actress as “friendly”. However, she does not deny that there has been a separation: “You have made her life choices for her and for me she remains a person with whom I have had a work experience. She is not my friend. Friendship is something else “.

The model has in fact mentioned those whom she considers friends in the true sense of the word or Soleil Sorge, Giulia Salemi, Samantha De Grenet, Carlotta Dell’Isola. “Rosalinda is not”, she concluded her lapidary. A statement that, despite the crisis has been evident to all, has nevertheless displaced many.

As everyone knows, in the most spied-on house in Italy, Cannavò turned the page in love with Andrea Zenga and the two are still happily together today. In this regard, Dayane said: “Rosalinda and Zenga? I like them and I hope you are happy. If she’s happy, so be it, but I don’t care as I think she doesn’t care who I sleep with ”.

Dayane and Rosalinda
Dayane friendship with Rosalinda (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Words that show a certain coldness: would you ever have expected a similar development in their relationship?