GF Vip, Delia Duran shines in yellow: for the episode she wears an extra luxury bracelet, the price will blow you away

GF Vip, Delia Duran shines with a long yellow dress: for the first episode she wore an extra luxury bracelet and the price is exorbitant.

Delia Duran entered the GF Vip house a few days ago as a competitor. In recent months, however, she has always been at the center of gossip and reality TV. Her husband, Alex Belli, a competitor until December, had forged a bond with Soleil Sorge.

GF Vip, Delia Duran wears a very nice yellow dress: the price of the bracelet will blow you away (source mediaset infinity)

This approach led the model to intervene several times. After the release of the man, she decided to embark on this new experience. This is also a way to reflect, because as explained by Delia, with Alex, after what happened inside the house with Soleil, the relationship is not going very well. Last night, the competitor found herself at the center of attention for the confrontation with Soleil and then later also spoke with her husband. But just yesterday, Delia sported an extremely beautiful look, hard to miss, as she was dressed in a long yellow dress. But there is one detail that has struck, namely the bracelet. This one worn by the woman is very precious and the price is too: let’s see how much it costs.

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GF Vip, Delia Duran sports a long yellow dress: for the direct she chose a bracelet with an exorbitant price

On Monday 17 January there was a new episode of GF Vip and for Delia Duran, this was the first conducted by a competitor. Last week, in fact, he could not fully live the episode, since it entered at a later time.

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For this first live, the model has chosen a very beautiful and very special look. Hard not to notice her, because she wore a long yellow dress with a skirt, which had an opening on one side, and with long sleeves. But the neckline was also evident. The dress was fitted and is signed by Babylon. But there is one detail that struck us, we are talking about the bracelet.

Delia Duran gf vip, bracelet
source mediaset infinity

The jewel worn by Delia is in the shape of a nail and should be the Juste un Clou in Cartier gold, model that on the official website would cost 7,450 euros. A jewel that is not within everyone’s reach. What do you think of Delia Duran’s look for the episode of GF Vip?