GF Vip, Edoardo and Antonella Fiordelisi: Nikita reveals what the competitor really said

GF Vip, Nikita Pelizon talks about the story between Edoardo and Antonella Fiordelisi and reveals what the competitor told her.

The Big Brother Vip is at the center of everyone’s attention after the bullying against Marco Bellavia. The last episode focused on what happened. In the previous days the public was strongly indignant asking for disqualification and measures. Marco had asked the others for help at home but had found nothing but indifference.

GF Vip, Nikita (credits: mediaset play)

Speaking with Antonella Fiordelisi he had told of his mental problems, revealing that he had had panic attacks on the subway and that he had recently understood that he was an empathic person. The images that Signorini has broadcast have displaced everyone. The indifference of the others was felt, for example, when the mental coach was on the ground behind the sofa and Attilio Romita and Giovanni Ciacci walking sideways did not consider him. This is only one episode but there are many. After the episode Sara Manfuso, for what happened, she had reported that she wanted to leave the game.

Action he has chosen to do in the last few hours. The columnist has left the house of Big Brother Vip. We did not see what happened just before because for technical problems there was no live broadcast for hours. When the problem was solved we saw Sara leaving. This year the house is constantly animated by quarrels and discussions. There is a lot of tension but there is also affection. In recent days Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi have come very close. However, there are some who do not believe in this story. Let’s talk about Nikita Pelizon who, speaking with Cristina, also revealed what Fiordelisi told her.

GF Vip, Nikita Pelizon says it clearly: “For Antonella, the story with Edoardo is a dynamic”

In recent days there has been a strong rapprochement between Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria. The young woman did not hide that she felt an interest and the same happened for the competitor. Although the latter was very affectionate towards other people in the house, so much so that he raised Antonella’s doubts.

In the episode Edoardo made it clear that he had changed his attitude only for her. It would appear that they are closer now. However, someone is not convinced of this story that is being born. Nikita Pelizon speaking with Cristina Quaranta said it clearly: For Antonella, the story with Edoardo is a dynamic “. She then revealed what the competitor told her.

gf vip nikita antonella
Nikita, words Antonella (credits: twitter)

Nikita said that, in her opinion, Antonella doesn’t care about Edoardo, and then revealed: “When we were playing volleyball, Antonella does ‘everyone has their own strategy’. As it happens this week there have been few dynamics. Edoardo is easy prey. He tried it before her with all the girls and who got some feedback from her. She is intelligent and has understood ”. The competitor also reported that Fiordelisi is in the house because she wants to work on television, she wants to be seen and she needs to create dynamics.