GF Vip, Edoardo Donnamaria face of Forum: what he graduated in

Edoardo Donnamaria, a well-known face of the Forum program, is a competitor of the new edition of the GF Vip: do you know what he graduated in?

Big Brother Vip started on September 19th on channel 5. Alfonso Signorini at the conduct of the reality show did not reveal in advance, as is his usual, the names of the competitors. We learned about them in the first two episodes. In the presentation video we discovered something about them and in these first days we are discovering them little by little.

GF Vip, edoardo (credits: instagram

The host did not want to reveal the cast first to play on the surprise effect. The commentators are Sonia Bruganelli and Orietta Berti. The singer was very courted by Signorini, as he himself reported in the episode. You took the place of Adriana Volpe. The host had been made a different offer. Instead of sitting in the studio, you enter the house as a competitor. Proposal that she surprised her because she said that Signorini knew about her family matter of her and consequently that she could not accept this position. In the studio, in addition to Orietta and Sonia, there is also Giulia Salemi. The former gieffina has a position all of her own. She informs us during the live broadcast of what is happening on social networks.

A few days have passed but many confidences have already come out. As soon as she entered, Patrizia Rossetti confided that she had not had intimate relationships for 4 years. She also confessed to being betrayed by her ex-husband.

All contestants have very interesting personalities and have a story to tell. Edoardo Donnamaria entered on Thursday 22 September. In a few days the people of Twitter have already had the opportunity to frame it. He is known because he is the face of Forum but not everyone knows that he has a degree: do you know what?

GF Vip, Edoardo Donnamaria wanted to be known from Forum: let’s find out what he graduated in

Edoardo Donnamaria is a competitor of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip. He entered during the second episode. He was born in 1994 in Rome. He is a familiar face of Mediaset and his voice is known to radio listeners. In fact he works as a speaker at RTL 102.5 and Radio Zeta.

Many know him for his presence as an assistant at Forum, a program conducted by Barbara Palombelli, broadcast on Canale 5 and Rete 4. In a previous episode we saw a video, in which he was interested in Sofia Giaele De Donà. Several times they appeared close. The contestant is married but as she reported, her love for her is free. If she knows that her husband goes with other women it is not betrayal and the same is true for her. Even if in the last hours there has been a real turning point, the competitor has approached Antonella Fiordelisi: what is happening?

Edoardo is very popular with the twitter people, it seems that his ironic personality is very popular. The public has known him for years being a face of Forum but is everyone known about him? Do you know what he graduated from?

gf vip edoardo
GF vip, graduation (credits: instagram)

The competitor of the GF vip graduated a few years ago in Law. In 2018 he published a shot on his instagram channel in which he appears with the crown of the time on his head: “Between one thing and another I also graduated “, he had written in support, receiving many greetings from colleagues and followers.