GF Vip, for Pamela Prati comes a great twist: heavy words

A big twist arrives that concerns Pamela Prati: the competitor of the GF Vip is the recipient of rather heavy words.

No one would have ever imagined it, given how it ended last time, but Pamela Prati again wanted to get back into the game and became one of the 23 competitors of the current edition of GF Vip. Away from the media storm that saw her involved due to the Mark Caltagirone case, the beloved showgirl and presenter returned to TV, demonstrating how much her willpower is clearly superior to everything.

Twist GF Vip. Credits: Instagram

Suppose what period lived by Pamela Prati after the ‘case’ of Mark Caltagirone it was not at all easy. At the center of everyone’s attention and targeted from all sides, the showgirl has completely disappeared from the small screen and then returns to it in recent months stronger than before.

His current path in the GF Vip house is going much better than his first time, but there are already rumors that something could happen very soon. While waiting to find out if these ‘rumors’ are true or not, we cannot fail to tell you the latest twist that concerns you in the first person.

The twist that concerns Pamela Prati displaces everyone: what happened in these hours

Very soon the Mark Caltagirone case will be clarified once and for all Pamela Prati, as said on several occasions by Alfonso Signorini, she will be ready to tell the whole truth. Waiting for all this, however, the beloved showgirl was the recipient of some rather heavy words. A real twist, from how you can clearly understand, especially if you consider that currently Prati has talked little about itself and has made people talk. On the other hand, however, a character of the caliber like that of Pamela cannot absolutely go unnoticed.

Ending up in the house of GF Vip, Pamela Prati ended up at the mercy of the Canale 5 audience again. However, it was not only the viewers of the reality show that noticed her, but also those who had something to do with her. We are talking, therefore, of those who were ‘complicit’ with her in the famous case of her fake boyfriend, but also of those who shared a splendid love story with her. It is precisely on the pages of the weekly Di Più that Max Bertolani, Pamela’s ex-boyfriend, took the floor, reserving words to her ex that were not at all pleasant.

On the pages of Di Più, the good Bertolani accused Pamela Prati of having made a clean sweep of him after the end of his love story. And that I no longer gave him the opportunity to work in. “You wanted to avenge yourself by putting me in a bad light”, he explained to the weekly. “I suggest you think about what you did to me and maybe apologize”, Max concluded to the newspaper.

Who is Max Bertolani and how long have they been together

Even before ending up in the spotlight for the fake engagement and marriage with Mark Caltagirone, Pamela Prati was engaged to Max Bertolani. Who is he? His name, as it should be, will not be new to you at all because the ex of the Sardinian showgirl is a beloved sportsman, a TV personality and a famous actor.

How long have he and Pamela Prati been together? From what we learn from the web, it would seem that their love story lasted about three years. Having become a couple in all respects in 1999, the sportsman and the presenter said ‘goodbye’ in 2001 without ever culminating in the wedding.

pamela meadows shot scene
Max Bertolani. Credits: Instagram

Do you think these words will reach Pamela Prati in the house of the VIP GF? A right of reply, on the other hand, is not denied to anyone, is it?