GF Vip, former competitor has found love with a beautiful woman: that’s who she is

Gf Vip, the former competitor after the end of the previous relationship has found love with a beautiful woman: that’s who she is.

The new edition of Big Brother Vip is about to start. Alfonso Signorini in recent weeks has repeatedly left clues about new competitors. There are many news leaked about the names of the cast but many times it has happened that those directly involved have denied.

GF Vip, love (credits: youtube)

To find out who will be the protagonists of the seventh edition we have to wait a little longer but not too long, since very little is missing from the debut. The sixth was won by Jessica Selassiè who triumphed against Davide Silvestri. Thanks to the reality show we always get to know the participants better. Many are known others a little less but are usually known professionally.

When you enter the house, the personal side inevitably comes out. In these six editions of GF Vip we have had the opportunity to discover many characters from the world of entertainment even those who had had their first experiences on the small screen. Well, in the last few days, a beloved former competitor has come out into the open with his new girlfriend, a beautiful woman: that’s who he is.

GF Vip, the former competitor has found love: his girlfriend is a wonderful woman, who she is

A beloved former competitor of the GF Vip has found love again. We met him in the fourth edition of the reality show where she conquered the public with her great simplicity and sweetness. Apparently, as is evident, the relationship she had when she was in the house has been wrecked but now her heart is beating again for another woman.

Remember Andrea Denver? The Veronese model was a protagonist of the fourth edition. Andrea himself made it known that he had found love: in what way? Through the instagram stories, in which in the shared photos he appears together with his beloved, as does The pipol gossip. In fact, the page explains that the young man moved to the United States for work commitments and apparently he got engaged in America. Her girlfriend is a beautiful blonde girl with green eyes, tall and with a gorgeous body, with her he would be tied up since last March.

gf vip former competitor
GF vip, competitor (credits: instagram)

Her name is Lexi Sundin and she is a breathtakingly beautiful New York model. Denver, at the time of his participation in the house, was engaged to model Anna Wolf but apparently it is about a year that the relationship ended. Now in the heart of the handsome young man there is Lexi, as demonstrated by the social photos shared in her instagram stories, taken by the ig of the same girlfriend. The model on her channel has also published a shot together with the former competitor, it is a professional shot but in support she writes: “Love”.